Agata Correia

Sr. Global Property Consultant, License No. 44534

Agata is a Senior Property Consultant at Luxhabitat Sotheby’s. Starting her extensive experience in the aviation industry, operations and customer service. Working her way up to several management positions in PR, strategic marketing and business development both in Lisbon and Dubai, Agata has obtained a unique understanding and enhanced a business from different angles. Whether looking to buy or sell a property, Agata develops customized, strong and unique action plans with her Clients, offering her well-rounded background and thorough attention to detail to ensure goals are achieved and a smooth experience is enjoyed throughout the process. Originally from Portugal, Agata exclusively represents a wide portfolio of properties and new projects in Portugal as well. Agata holds a degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, a Post-Graduation in Marketing Intelligence and a Certificate in Health Coaching. Agata keeps an enthusiastic approach to life and is a firm believer in nurturing long-lasting, meaningful relationships, a key factor for her immense motivation and success in her role.

Listings by Agata

Property Address Type Size Bedrooms Price
View property ID GS-S-26922 Business Bay Apartment 7,735 sq ft 4 AED 31,995,000
View property ID GS-S-26351 Palm Jumeirah Apartment 8,722 sq ft 4 Price on Application
View property ID GS-S-26879 Business Bay Apartment 4,907 sq ft 3 AED 17,797,500
View property ID GS-S-32248 Downtown Dubai Apartment 3,139 sq ft 4 AED 7,567,888
View property ID GS-S-32335 Business Bay Apartment 7,712 sq ft 4 AED 30,995,000
View property ID GS-S-32373 Downtown Dubai Apartment 1,636 sq ft 2 AED 3,429,888
View property ID GS-S-32463 Downtown Dubai Apartment 2,432 sq ft 3 AED 3,759,888
View property ID GS-S-32516 Downtown Dubai Apartment 1,482 sq ft 2 AED 3,091,888
View property ID GS-S-32426 Jumeirah Apartment 1,764 sq ft 2 AED 2,695,000
View property ID GS-S-32716 Downtown Dubai Apartment 1,984 sq ft 3 AED 6,430,888
View property ID GS-S-32651 Al Barari Villa 6,634 sq ft 5 Price on Application
View property ID GS-S-32714 Downtown Dubai Apartment 1,926 sq ft 2 AED 8,006,888
View property ID GS-S-26921 Business Bay Apartment 16,590 sq ft 5 AED 56,589,750
View property ID GS-S-33145 Al Barari Villa 6,634 sq ft 5 AED 6,950,000
View property ID GS-R-33148 Al Barari Villa 14,918 sq ft 7 Price on Application
View property ID GS-S-33329 Downtown Dubai Apartment 536 sq ft Studio AED 1,254,828
View property ID GS-S-33330 Downtown Dubai Apartment 994 sq ft 1 AED 2,186,828
View property ID GS-S-33332 Downtown Dubai Apartment 2,530 sq ft 3 AED 5,415,828
View property ID GS-S-33512 - Villa 11,248 sq ft 6 Price on Application
View property ID GS-S-33513 - Villa 1,883 sq ft 2 AED 38,616,789
View property ID GS-S-33521 - Villa 38,750 sq ft 5 Price on Application
View property ID GS-S-33522 - Villa 9,795 sq ft 10 Price on Application
View property ID GS-S-33524 - Villa 9,952 sq ft 7 AED 55,087,500
View property ID GS-S-33525 - Villa 7,833 sq ft 6 AED 26,809,250
View property ID GS-S-33504 - Villa 0 sq ft 4 AED 3,905,068
View property ID GS-S-33505 - Villa 0 sq ft 3 Price on Application
View property ID GS-S-33511 - Villa 7,136 sq ft 6 AED 21,260,929
View property ID GS-S-33485 - Villa 16,145 sq ft 8 Price on Application
View property ID GS-S-33503 - Villa 2,368 sq ft 4 AED 3,384,392
View property ID GS-S-33637 Jumeirah Apartment 1,321 sq ft 2 AED 2,900,000
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