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Andrew Cleator

Sales Director, RERA Brn.28385

Our Luxury Sales Director Andrew is an expert on the Dubai real estate market, with over a decade of experience in real estate sales in Dubai. His stellar performance record has seen him ranked as one of Luxhabitat's best salespeople.

Andrew is a trusted agent mainly because of his in-depth knowledge about the Dubai real estate market. He has been featured in Gulf News, Khaleej Times and various other local and international publications owing to this knowledge, making him Luxhabitat's go-to spokesperson. He has repeatedly earned merits on the annual RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) exams, making him truly an industry expert. Andrew's opinions on the real estate market and ability to explain things in a clear, concise manner makes him a favourite amongst clients.  

He has emerged as one of the most sought after luxury real estate specialists in the Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Golf Estates areas, where he truly excels. Andrew has recently been awarded 'The Most Trusted Agent" by PropertyTime magazine.

Andrew's spotlight

Murcia Villa in Lime Tree Valley, Jumeirah Golf Estates

Villa in Lime Tree Valley

5 bedrooms

AED 7,699,000

I first dealt with Andrew whilst purchasing an apartment in Bonnington Towers. I was so impressed with his honesty and professional outlook that I have worked with him on all my sales and purchases of properties since. Andrews strength is his focus on customer satisfaction rather than bottom line profit. He applies the same enthusiasm to both high value sales and lower budget. The Dubai property market is quite daunting for a newcomer and its absolutely imperative to work with an agent who understands the whole process from identifying the property to seeing through the registration and transfer. Andrews knowledge of the processes and the geography of Dubai as it grows is an important asset. I wold not hesitate to recommend the services of Andrew and his company.

Other listings by Andrew

Property Address Type Size Bedrooms Asking Price
View property ID563 Sanctuary Falls Villa 10,884 sq ft 6 AED 28,000,000
View property ID747 Whispering Pines Villa 4,136 sq ft 4 AED 7,500,000
View property ID1515 Shoreline Apartments Penthouse 5,638 sq ft 4 AED 6,790,000
View property ID1172 Bonnington Tower Apartment 1,536 sq ft 3 AED 2,200,000
View property ID1195 Whispering Pines Villa 4,135 sq ft 4 AED 5,950,000
View property ID1212 P Sector Villa 14,390 sq ft 6 AED 38,000,000
View property ID1313 Burj Khalifa Tower Apartment 2,036 sq ft 2 AED 10,180,000
View property ID1314 Burj Khalifa Tower Apartment 2,108 sq ft 2 AED 10,540,000
View property ID1328 The Crescent Penthouse 4,521 sq ft 4 AED 11,000,000
View property ID1340 D1 Tower Apartment 1,938 sq ft 2 AED 3,500,000
View property ID1387 Oceana Residences Apartment 2,280 sq ft 3 AED 7,523,670
View property ID1452 Whispering Pines Villa 4,136 sq ft 4 AED 7,500,000
View property ID1552 Canal Cove Villas Villa 4,100 sq ft 4 AED 9,999,000
View property ID1400 Whispering Pines Villa 4,005 sq ft 4 AED 3,750,000
View property ID1584 Oceana Residences Apartment 1,338 sq ft 1 AED 2,990,000
View property ID1591 Whispering Pines Villa 4,135 sq ft 4 AED 7,500,000
View property ID1607 Olive Point Villa 10,617 sq ft 6 AED 17,950,000
View property ID1614 Signature Villas Villa 7,000 sq ft 5 AED 19,999,000
View property ID1619 Marina Residences Apartment 1,808 sq ft 2 AED 3,900,000
View property ID1637 Marina Residences Apartment 2,849 sq ft 3 AED 6,000,000
View property ID1642 Garden Homes Villa 5,461 sq ft 5 AED 14,250,000
View property ID1674 Kingdom Of Sheba/ Balqis Residence Villa 9,400 sq ft 4 AED 18,000,000
View property ID1711 Signature Villas Villa 7,000 sq ft 7 AED 25,000,000
View property ID3443 Garden Homes Villa 5,000 sq ft 4 AED 13,999,000
View property ID1802 Flame Tree Ridge Villa 6,002 sq ft 5 AED 5,885,000
View property ID1819 Bonnington Tower Apartment 982 sq ft 2 AED 100,000 per year
View property ID1881 Marina Residences Apartment 1,735 sq ft 2 AED 3,400,000
View property ID1882 Marina Residences Apartment 1,927 sq ft 2 AED 3,500,000
View property ID1898 Golden Mile Penthouse 4,896 sq ft 3 AED 4,999,000
View property ID1939 Kempinski Residences Semi-detached townhouse 8,097 sq ft 4 AED 12,500,000
View property ID2027 Palazzo Versace Penthouse 5,172 sq ft 4 AED 15,000,000
View property ID2059 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Studio 630 sq ft Studio AED 1,900,000
View property ID2061 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Apartment 1,916 sq ft 2 AED 4,990,000
View property ID2087 Flame Tree Ridge Villa 5,633 sq ft 5 AED 11,999,000
View property ID4013 Palazzo Versace Attached townhouse 6,443 sq ft 4 AED 16,000,000
View property ID4014 Palazzo Versace Attached townhouse 5,097 sq ft 3 AED 12,750,000
View property ID2104 Flame Tree Ridge Villa 5,633 sq ft 5 AED 9,600,000
View property ID2106 Flame Tree Ridge Villa 5,633 sq ft 5 AED 10,000,000
View property ID2117 Lime Tree Valley Villa 5,701 sq ft 5 AED 7,699,000
View property ID2118 Lime Tree Valley Villa 4,800 sq ft 4 AED 5,750,000
View property ID2386 Sienna Lakes Villa 7,537 sq ft 5 AED 7,950,000
View property ID2387 Sienna Lakes Villa 8,417 sq ft 5 AED 9,000,000
View property ID2453 Signature Villas Plot 13,500 sq ft - Price on Application
View property ID2461 Oceana Residences Apartment 1,650 sq ft 1 AED 2,850,000
View property ID2574 Garden Homes Villa 5,000 sq ft 4 AED 13,000,000
View property ID2628 Anantara Residences Apartment 1,158 sq ft 1 AED 3,150,000
View property ID2629 Anantara Residences Apartment 1,743 sq ft 2 AED 4,620,000
View property ID2630 Anantara Residences Apartment 1,765 sq ft 2 AED 5,250,000
View property ID2705 Signature Villas Villa 7,000 sq ft 6 AED 36,000,000
View property ID2713 Whispering Pines Villa 3,842 sq ft 4 AED 5,200,000
View property ID2714 Whispering Pines Villa 3,737 sq ft 3 AED 5,200,000
View property ID2718 Sky Gardens Penthouse 5,404 sq ft 5 Price on Application
View property ID2737 HT Sector Villa 25,500 sq ft 7 AED 60,000,000
View property ID2757 Garden Homes Villa 6,000 sq ft 5 AED 15,700,000
View property ID2763 Trident Grand Apartment 1,583 sq ft 2 AED 2,950,000
View property ID2781 Garden Homes Villa 5,000 sq ft 4 AED 12,200,000
View property ID2807 Garden Homes Villa 5,000 sq ft 4 AED 11,000,000
View property ID2809 Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Serviced Villa 7,087 sq ft 5 AED 20,900,000
View property ID2942 Whispering Pines Villa 4,135 sq ft 4 AED 5,400,000
View property ID2956 Lime Tree Valley Villa 4,790 sq ft 4 AED 6,850,000
View property ID3004 Acacia Villa 16,448 sq ft 7 AED 13,500,000
View property ID5821 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Apartment 1,645 sq ft 2 AED 4,300,000
View property ID3028 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Apartment 1,263 sq ft 1 AED 3,493,346
View property ID3032 D1 Tower Apartment 4,348 sq ft 4 AED 8,199,000
View property ID3041 D1 Tower Apartment 3,662 sq ft 3 AED 6,399,000
View property ID3042 D1 Tower Apartment 3,660 sq ft 3 AED 6,699,000
View property ID3044 Whispering Pines Semi-detached townhouse 4,136 sq ft 3 AED 5,325,000
View property ID3095 Marina Gate Apartment 775 sq ft 1 AED 1,967,115
View property ID3096 The Fairmont Residences Attached townhouse 5,257 sq ft 3 AED 8,500,000
View property ID3114 Bahar Loft 1,942 sq ft 3 AED 3,900,000
View property ID3139 Lime Tree Valley Villa 9,750 sq ft 6 AED 14,150,000
View property ID3156 Marina Residences Apartment 1,735 sq ft 2 AED 2,800,000
View property ID3163 Marina Gate Apartment 775 sq ft 1 AED 1,957,230
View property ID3164 Marina Gate Apartment 775 sq ft 1 AED 1,977,000
View property ID3169 Lime Tree Valley Villa 4,400 sq ft 4 AED 7,650,000
View property ID3207 Grandeur Residences Apartment 1,756 sq ft 2 AED 3,400,000
View property ID3274 Palma Residences Attached townhouse 3,337 sq ft 5 AED 9,500,000
View property ID3372 The Crescent Penthouse 3,853 sq ft 4 AED 10,995,000
View property ID3406 Golden Mile Penthouse 4,806 sq ft 3 AED 5,600,000
View property ID3450 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Penthouse 4,986 sq ft 3 AED 16,754,902
View property ID3469 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Penthouse 5,625 sq ft 4 AED 17,500,000
View property ID3475 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Penthouse 5,469 sq ft 4 AED 17,500,000
View property ID3533 Al Bateen Apartment 1,713 sq ft 2 AED 3,099,000
View property ID3575 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Penthouse 4,000 sq ft 3 Price on Application
View property ID3576 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Penthouse 5,999 sq ft 4 AED 16,510,128
View property ID3696 XXII Carat Club Villas Penthouse 14,470 sq ft 8 Price on Application
View property ID3697 XXII Carat Club Villas Villa 11,872 sq ft 7 AED 43,510,000
View property ID3698 XXII Carat Club Villas Villa 9,300 sq ft 7 AED 55,784,000
View property ID3717 Oceana Residences Apartment 2,280 sq ft 3 AED 5,700,000
View property ID6690 Bonnington Tower Apartment 722 sq ft 1 AED 1,100,000
View property ID3845 XXII Carat Club Villas Villa 12,163 sq ft 7 Price on Application
View property ID3896 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Villa 5,302 sq ft 4 Price on Application
View property ID3909 Five Palm Jumeirah (Viceroy) Apartment 1,263 sq ft 1 AED 3,316,550
View property ID3989 Green Community West Villa 6,210 sq ft 5 AED 4,400,000
View property ID3987 Lime Tree Valley Villa 9,000 sq ft 7 AED 18,000,000
View property ID3988 Oceana Residences Apartment 1,955 sq ft 2 AED 4,100,000
View property ID4037 Emirates Financial Towers Offices 19,452 sq ft Studio AED 55,000,000
View property ID4041 Palazzo Versace Attached townhouse 6,552 sq ft 4 AED 14,500,000
View property ID4069 The Address Residence The Blvd Serviced apartment 1,823 sq ft 2 AED 5,300,000
View property ID4106 The Fairmont Residences Apartment 1,884 sq ft 2 AED 3,600,000
View property ID4131 Dubai Arch Penthouse 3,584 sq ft 4 AED 3,999,000
View property ID4214 Alandalus Apartment 778 sq ft 1 AED 786,000
View property ID4215 Alandalus Apartment 1,369 sq ft 2 AED 1,315,000
View property ID4216 Alandalus Apartment 1,794 sq ft 3 AED 1,772,000
View property ID4217 Alandalus Apartment 2,337 sq ft 4 AED 2,559,000
View property ID4243 Palazzo Versace Apartment 2,015 sq ft 2 AED 4,999,000
View property ID4345 Lime Tree Valley Villa 5,995 sq ft 5 AED 11,750,000
View property ID4372 Jumeirah Luxury Semi-detached townhouse 3,410 sq ft 5 AED 4,625,642
View property ID4384 Jumeirah Luxury Semi-detached townhouse 2,591 sq ft 4 AED 3,178,415
View property ID4562 District 12 Villa 4,800 sq ft 4 AED 4,500,000
View property ID4590 Golden Mile Apartment 1,787 sq ft 2 AED 2,700,000
View property ID4623 Jumeirah Luxury Attached townhouse 2,012 sq ft 3 AED 2,454,124
View property ID4636 Hillside Villa 18,400 sq ft 6 AED 24,260,000
View property ID4708 Tiara Residences Penthouse 5,217 sq ft 4 AED 13,500,000
View property ID4709 Jumeirah Living Duplex 1,453 sq ft 1 AED 1,200,000
View property ID4712 Shoreline Apartments Apartment 1,550 sq ft 2 AED 1,899,000
View property ID4957 Sienna Lakes Villa 7,600 sq ft 5 AED 6,900,000
View property ID5104 Marina Residences Apartment 4,053 sq ft 3 AED 4,700,000
View property ID5162 Palazzo Versace Penthouse 12,936 sq ft 5 AED 12,000,000
View property ID5163 Palazzo Versace Penthouse 12,936 sq ft 5 AED 550,000 per year
View property ID5256 Redwood Avenue Plot 14,409 sq ft - AED 7,494,000
View property ID5258 Wildflower Plot 11,890 sq ft - AED 5,708,000
View property ID5259 Wildflower Plot 8,388 sq ft - AED 2,390,000
View property ID5387 Canal Residence Apartment 1,440 sq ft 2 AED 1,299,000
View property ID5582 Lime Tree Valley Villa 5,700 sq ft 5 AED 7,850,000
View property ID5606 Palazzo Versace Apartment 1,801 sq ft 2 AED 4,100,000
View property ID5892 Claren Tower Apartment 845 sq ft 1 AED 1,400,000
View property ID5910 Jumeirah Luxury Semi-detached townhouse 3,479 sq ft 4 AED 3,600,000
View property ID6066 SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences Studio 669 sq ft Studio AED 1,044,888
View property ID6092 SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences Duplex 1,133 sq ft 1 AED 1,881,888
View property ID6088 SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences Apartment 808 sq ft 1 AED 1,523,888
View property ID6093 SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences Loft 1,133 sq ft 1 AED 1,845,888
View property ID6128 L Sector Villa 25,000 sq ft 8 AED 65,000,000
View property ID6146 Bahar Loft 2,176 sq ft 2 AED 3,800,000
View property ID6212 FIVE Studio 504 sq ft Studio AED 648,882
View property ID6213 FIVE Penthouse 5,621 sq ft 4 AED 5,999,000
View property ID6214 FIVE Serviced apartment 504 sq ft 1 AED 499,000
View property ID6306 Palazzo Versace Attached townhouse 6,443 sq ft 4 AED 425,000 per year
View property ID6644 Bahar Loft 1,942 sq ft 3 AED 250,000 per year
View property ID6349 Mediterranean Clusters Villa 5,300 sq ft 4 AED 8,200,000
View property ID6418 Sidra Villa 3,102 sq ft 3 AED 145,000 per year
View property ID6424 Rimal Apartment 1,407 sq ft 2 AED 2,450,000
View property ID6613 The Address Residence Sky View Towers Serviced apartment 2,562 sq ft 4 AED 9,900,000
View property ID6639 The Index Tower Apartment 968 sq ft 1 AED 102,500 per year
View property ID6734 Acacia Villa 16,404 sq ft 7 AED 800,000 per year
View property ID6813 Oceana Residences Apartment 1,955 sq ft 2 AED 200,000 per year
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I first contacted Andrew before I landed in Dubai. He guided me through viewings of not less than 50 properties during a timeframe of about a month. Since then I have bought and rented multiple properties through him and he has become a close friend in the process. I have bought properties from other agents in the past and each time has been a miserable experience. Andrew is not only my go-to guy for any property in the UAE, but I can say that he is probably the only agent I will ever buy a property in the UAE from again. Not only can I recommend him as an agent, but for everything Dubai, he is a veritable connoisseur.

Adam Tamizi Haque

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