Daniel Garofoli

Associate Director, RERA Brn.34084

Daniel started out his sales career in the automotive industry for Mercedes-Benz in Germany where he focused on selling AMG tuning parts as well as distribution. After five years at Mercedes, he decided to return to university to study business and marketing. 

An entrepreneur at heart, he then started his own marketing and events company in 2007. Due to the nature of his work, his travels brought him often to Dubai where he claims he “lost his heart” to the city. In 2012, Daniel moved to Dubai where he got involved in the real estate market in 2013 in the capacity of Property Investment Consultant. After he outperformed and raised high sales, he joined us at Luxhabitat where he excels in luxury sales of penthouses, lofts and upgraded apartments in the Jumeirah Beach Residences, Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa areas. With a clear understanding of what the cosmopolitan lifestyle that the city has to offer, Daniel is exceptional at finding the right home to fit his client's personality. 

 Fascinated by social media which he tracks and engages on a daily basis, you can follow Daniel's day as a Luxhabitat agent on his Instagram account dg_luxhabitat where he regularly interacts with clients, followers and his peers. Daniel enjoys classical music and playing football.

Daniel's spotlight

Chic Loft in Murjan, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

Apartments in Murjan

2 bedrooms

AED 3,100,000

Other listings by Daniel

Property Address Type Size Bedrooms Asking Price
View property ID2069 Murjan Duplex 1,636 sq ft 2 AED 3,100,000
View property ID2170 Murjan Duplex 1,736 sq ft 2 AED 3,100,000
View property ID2268 Sadaf Duplex 3,450 sq ft 4 AED 7,500,000
View property ID2783 Burj Khalifa Tower Apartment 1,600 sq ft 2 AED 5,999,000
View property ID2868 Burj Khalifa Tower Apartment 2,663 sq ft 3 AED 7,900,000
View property ID2975 Armani Residences Serviced apartment 2,173 sq ft 2 AED 15,500,000
View property ID3195 1 JBR Apartment 2,538 sq ft 3 AED 8,810,000
View property ID3303 Bahar Duplex 1,808 sq ft 2 AED 3,290,000
View property ID3553 Emirates Crown Penthouse 7,800 sq ft 4 AED 11,000,000
View property ID3561 Cayan/ Infinity Tower Duplex 2,911 sq ft 3 AED 6,400,000
View property ID3616 Park Island Penthouse 3,915 sq ft 3 AED 5,500,000
View property ID4017 Sadaf Duplex 2,237 sq ft 2 AED 3,000,000
View property ID4065 D1 Tower Apartment 3,147 sq ft 3 AED 6,900,000
View property ID4130 Marinascape Penthouse 9,365 sq ft 3 AED 22,500,000
View property ID4226 DT1 Studio 535 sq ft 0 AED 1,189,828
View property ID4230 DT1 Apartment 994 sq ft 1 AED 1,988,828
View property ID4231 DT1 Apartment 1,524 sq ft 2 AED 2,896,828
View property ID4250 DT1 Penthouse 5,642 sq ft 4 AED 12,412,828
View property ID4270 Le Reve Penthouse 6,100 sq ft 4 AED 18,500,000
View property ID4299 Belgravia III Apartment 818 sq ft 1 AED 822,828
View property ID4356 The Address Residences Jumeirah Resorts & Spa Apartment 645 sq ft 1 AED 1,700,000
View property ID4357 The Address Residences Jumeirah Resorts & Spa Apartment 1,180 sq ft 2 AED 3,470,000
View property ID4358 The Address Residences Jumeirah Resorts & Spa Apartment 1,890 sq ft 3 AED 5,470,000
View property ID4359 The Address Residences Jumeirah Resorts & Spa Apartment 3,640 sq ft 4 AED 10,350,000
View property ID4368 Cayan/ Infinity Tower Apartment 875 sq ft 1 AED 1,750,000
View property ID4387 Armani Residences Apartment 1,184 sq ft 1 AED 4,995,000
View property ID4779 Cayan/ Infinity Tower Penthouse 11,142 sq ft 5 Price on Application
View property ID4818 LIV Residences Studio 525 sq ft 0 AED 854,548
View property ID4819 LIV Residences Apartment 824 sq ft 1 AED 1,244,548
View property ID4820 LIV Residences Apartment 1,266 sq ft 2 AED 1,928,548
View property ID4821 LIV Residences Apartment 1,770 sq ft 3 AED 2,890,548
View property ID4822 LIV Residences Penthouse 4,717 sq ft 4 Price on Application
View property ID4823 Murjan Penthouse 8,734 sq ft 2 AED 15,000,000
View property ID4904 Palme Couture Penthouse 5,200 sq ft 3 AED 19,100,000
View property ID4910 Palme Couture Penthouse 8,212 sq ft 4 Price on Application
View property ID4915 Palme Couture Penthouse 10,715 sq ft 5 AED 40,840,000
View property ID5054 1 JBR Duplex 8,655 sq ft 5 AED 33,710,000
View property ID5304 Shams Apartment 4,387 sq ft 4 Price on Application
View property ID5410 Mediterranean Clusters Villa 5,300 sq ft 4 AED 6,500,000
View property ID5411 Mediterranean Clusters Villa 5,300 sq ft 4 AED 6,500,000
View property ID5412 Murjan Penthouse 8,800 sq ft 4 AED 11,000,000
View property ID5696 D1 Tower Apartment 4,068 sq ft 4 AED 6,500,000
View property ID5792 Building 2A Penthouse 3,169 sq ft 4 AED 11,000,000
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