David Kodama

Associate Director, RERA Brn.35268

David Kodama is an Associate in the client Rep. division at Luxhabitat Sotheby’s International Realty. His solid years in real estate earned him the expertise in sales management, contract negotiation, first-time home buyers, residential homes, investment properties, and new business development. Prior to Luxhabitat Sotheby’s International Realty, David was a sales negotiator in one of Dubai’s luxury real estate firms. He was instrumental in making the company achieved a gross income of AED 2 million on a monthly basis. Over the years, the performance he rendered gained him multiple position advancements and made him progress to a senior management role. Among the accolades given to him were 2011 Sales Negotiator of the Year, 2012 Best of the Best Award, 2012 Most Units Sold Award, 2013 Best of the Best Award, and 2014 Manager of the Year. In 2015, Luxhabitat Sotheby’s International Realty appointed David as its Global Property Consultant and swiftly promoted him to senior level for his significant sales. He was awarded as the company’s Top Salesman for 2016. An always “up for laugh” person, David is always admired by his clients for his positive energy, congenial approach, and ability to respond to their problems with solutions that are beyond expectations. Aside from valuing the new learnings he obtains from his clients and different people he encounters every day, David also values family time and work-life balance.

Listings by David

Property Address Type Size Bedrooms Asking Price
View property ID7547 Dubai Hills Estate Plot 13,161 sq ft - AED 5,990,888
View property ID6868 One Palm Apartment 6,322 sq ft 4 AED 24,550,000
View property ID6872 Sidra Villa 4,283 sq ft 5 AED 4,700,000
View property ID6874 Club Villas Villa 3,367 sq ft 4 AED 4,000,000
View property ID6876 Dubai Hills View Villa 34,800 sq ft 7 AED 24,500,000
View property ID6877 Parkway Vistas Villa 8,286 sq ft 6 Price on Application
View property ID6880 Golf Place Villa 7,377 sq ft 6 AED 9,505,888
View property ID6881 Acacia Park Heights Apartment 923 sq ft 1 AED 1,185,000
View property ID6882 Club Villas Villa 2,940 sq ft 3 AED 2,950,000
View property ID6883 Bluewaters Residences Apartment 1,488 sq ft 2 AED 3,495,000
View property ID6884 Dubai Hills View Villa 28,600 sq ft 7 AED 38,000,000
View property ID6887 Sidra Villa 4,283 sq ft 5 AED 4,600,000
View property ID6889 Sidra Villa 3,757 sq ft 5 AED 3,900,000
View property ID6894 Il Primo Apartment 11,550 sq ft 5 AED 42,795,888
View property ID6895 Il Primo Apartment 11,550 sq ft 6 AED 70,457,888
View property ID6923 Emaar Beachfront Apartment 1,388 sq ft 2 AED 3,015,888
View property ID6925 Emaar Beachfront Apartment 789 sq ft 1 AED 1,680,888
View property ID6936 Golf Place Villa 5,635 sq ft 5 AED 7,195,888
View property ID6941 Dubai Hills Grove Villa 31,164 sq ft 7 AED 35,000,000
View property ID6943 Downtown Views Apartment 751 sq ft 1 AED 1,249,999
View property ID6958 Parkway Vistas Villa 9,449 sq ft 7 AED 13,995,000
View property ID6968 La Mer Attached townhouse 4,795 sq ft 4 AED 5,550,000
View property ID7044 Marina Gate Penthouse 5,845 sq ft 4 AED 12,859,000
View property ID7045 Jumeira Bay Apartment 1,934 sq ft 2 AED 7,998,000
View property ID7052 Dubai Hills View Villa 22,000 sq ft 7 AED 51,000,000
View property ID7055 Bluewaters Residences Apartment 1,487 sq ft 2 AED 3,500,000
View property ID7056 Club Villas Villa 3,361 sq ft 4 AED 4,790,000
View property ID7057 Golf Place Villa 5,635 sq ft 5 AED 7,250,000
View property ID7059 Dubai Hills Grove Villa 30,851 sq ft 9 AED 78,000,000
View property ID7087 Dubai Hills View Villa 28,121 sq ft 7 AED 25,995,000
View property ID7104 Club Villas Villa 2,928 sq ft 3 AED 3,195,000
View property ID7136 Parkway Vistas Villa 10,545 sq ft 6 AED 16,894,000
View property ID7143 Blvd Heights Apartment 1,380 sq ft 2 AED 2,995,000
View property ID7144 Emaar Beachfront Apartment 745 sq ft 1 AED 1,295,000
View property ID7207 Golf Place Villa 7,515 sq ft 4 AED 6,295,000
View property ID7210 Sidra Villa 5,834 sq ft 5 AED 4,450,000
View property ID7243 Golf Place Villa 5,398 sq ft 4 AED 6,397,888
View property ID7247 Grande Apartment 1,192 sq ft 2 AED 4,362,888
View property ID7249 Dubai Hills Grove Villa 41,000 sq ft 7 AED 32,000,000
View property ID7263 Dubai Hills Grove Villa 33,530 sq ft 7 AED 21,995,000
View property ID7408 Golf Place Villa 8,741 sq ft 5 AED 9,598,888
View property ID7422 Dubai Hills Grove Villa 38,786 sq ft 7 AED 29,995,000
View property ID7431 Fairway Vistas Plot 11,453 sq ft - AED 5,389,800
View property ID7432 Fairway Vistas Villa 9,868 sq ft 6 AED 10,750,000
View property ID7433 Golf Suites Villa 1,120 sq ft 2 AED 1,497,888
View property ID7435 Fairway Vistas Villa 9,212 sq ft 7 AED 13,500,000
View property ID7436 Fairway Vistas Villa 9,868 sq ft 7 AED 14,000,000
View property ID7439 Fairway Vistas Villa 20,637 sq ft 7 AED 18,495,000
View property ID7451 Golf Grove Villa 2,911 sq ft 3 AED 3,003,888
View property ID7453 Golf Grove Villa 3,237 sq ft 4 AED 3,778,888
View property ID7454 Golf Grove Apartment 2,911 sq ft 3 AED 2,998,888
View property ID7455 Golf Grove Villa 3,368 sq ft 4 AED 3,600,000
View property ID7463 Golf Grove Villa 2,931 sq ft 3 AED 3,120,888
View property ID7464 Golf Grove Villa 3,718 sq ft 4 AED 3,814,888
View property ID7548 Dubai Hills Estate Plot 7,535 sq ft - AED 3,366,888
View property ID7550 Dubai Hills Estate Plot 18,680 sq ft - AED 13,493,888
View property ID7553 Dubai Hills View Plot 42,490 sq ft - AED 43,095,888
View property ID7554 Dubai Hills View Plot 34,198 sq ft - AED 32,790,888
View property ID7557 Fairway Vistas Plot 11,358 sq ft - AED 5,172,888
View property ID7558 Fairway Vistas Plot 11,358 sq ft - AED 5,172,888
View property ID7589 Emaar Beachfront Apartment 1,171 sq ft 2 AED 2,160,888
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