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Julia van de Burgt

Luxury Sales Specialist, RERA Brn.43179

Julia is a Dutch national who has gained vast experience in international sales through 5-star global hotel chains in Washington DC, USA and later Bejiing, China, which then took her to the Middle East in 2005. Julia started her real estate career in 2006 for the exclusive private developer, Al Barari. 

Having fallen in love with the botanical gardens, high-end quality homes and associated lifestyle, she has been passionately involved in finding and creating peoples dream homes for over 11 years. Given her innate knowledge of the Dubai luxury real estate market, Julia is perfectly placed to assist new home owners in finding their dream home and investors in seeking out an ideal investment. 

 Julia understands the needs and requirements of HNW and UHNWI’s of different nationalities and cultures and offers a high level of service with the ability to build long-term relationships with her clients. One of her biggest achievements at Al Barari was being responsible for the highest sales transaction to date of one hundred million dirhams.

Julia's spotlight

Palme Couture -  Contemporary 4-bed townhouse with pool

Villas in Palme Couture

4 bedrooms

AED 29,419,000

Other listings by Julia

Property Address Type Size Bedrooms Asking Price
View property ID5648 The 8 Apartment 1,393 sq ft 2 AED 2,795,000
View property ID2303 Signature Villas Villa 13,110 sq ft 6 AED 75,000,000
View property ID2395 The 8 Semi-detached townhouse 2,917 sq ft 3 AED 11,000,000
View property ID2875 Serenia The Palm Penthouse 5,773 sq ft 3 AED 16,500,000
View property ID3569 Muraba Residence Apartment 2,386 sq ft 3 AED 6,572,972
View property ID3740 Serenia The Palm Apartment 2,630 sq ft 3 AED 9,143,000
View property ID3741 Serenia The Palm Apartment 1,507 sq ft 2 AED 4,000,000
View property ID3751 Muraba Residence Apartment 1,740 sq ft 2 AED 5,375,643
View property ID3754 Muraba Residence Penthouse 4,792 sq ft 4 AED 18,936,205
View property ID3778 The 8 Apartment 1,384 sq ft 1 AED 2,300,000
View property ID3779 The 8 Apartment 1,750 sq ft 3 AED 4,900,000
View property ID4090 52|42 Apartment 704 sq ft 1 AED 1,250,000
View property ID6070 52|42 Apartment 1,120 sq ft 2 AED 2,040,888
View property ID4344 Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel Serviced apartment 712 sq ft 1 AED 2,884,436
View property ID4554 The 8 Penthouse 4,154 sq ft 3 AED 12,000,000
View property ID4773 Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel Serviced apartment 3,806 sq ft 2 AED 16,177,512
View property ID4774 Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel Multi-unit 7,120 sq ft 10 AED 28,844,360
View property ID4775 Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel Serviced Villa 15,751 sq ft 4 AED 63,791,829
View property ID4776 Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel Serviced Villa 21,537 sq ft 5 AED 96,919,110
View property ID5084 Banyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai Apartment 927 sq ft 1 AED 1,500,000
View property ID5087 Banyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai Apartment 1,226 sq ft 2 AED 2,340,000
View property ID5091 Banyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai Apartment 2,341 sq ft 3 AED 4,135,000
View property ID5092 Banyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai Penthouse 3,125 sq ft 4 AED 6,350,000
View property ID5238 Serenia The Palm Apartment 900 sq ft 1 AED 1,900,000
View property ID5240 The Reserve Plot 42,309 sq ft - AED 23,750,000
View property ID5308 Damac Hills Villa 8,418 sq ft 6 AED 10,100,000
View property ID5583 Botanica Apartment 1,207 sq ft 2 AED 1,250,000
View property ID5602 Grandeur Residences Villa 6,077 sq ft 4 AED 12,750,000
View property ID5610 Palme Couture Duplex 10,087 sq ft 5 AED 42,900,000
View property ID5611 Palme Couture Apartment 4,793 sq ft 3 AED 19,163,400
View property ID5702 Serenia The Palm Penthouse 4,877 sq ft 3 AED 16,500,000
View property ID5758 Palme Couture Penthouse 4,936 sq ft 3 AED 19,919,600
View property ID5836 Jumeira Bay Plot 23,000 sq ft - AED 33,000,000
View property ID6019 Signature Villas Villa 10,185 sq ft 6 Price on Application
View property ID6027 Signature Villas Villa 14,420 sq ft 6 Price on Application
View property ID6063 Emaar Beachfront Apartment 1,572 sq ft 2 AED 2,742,000
View property ID6062 Emaar Beachfront Apartment 789 sq ft 1 AED 1,680,888
View property ID6064 Emaar Beachfront Apartment 2,176 sq ft 3 AED 4,100,000
View property ID6071 52|42 Apartment 1,724 sq ft 3 AED 3,207,888
View property ID6119 The Residences, JLT (Taj, JLT) Apartment 1,394 sq ft 2 AED 2,018,339
View property ID6120 The Residences, JLT (Taj, JLT) Apartment 2,425 sq ft 3 AED 3,957,426
View property ID6121 The Residences, JLT (Taj, JLT) Apartment 4,212 sq ft 4 AED 8,213,374
View property ID6122 The Residences, JLT (Taj, JLT) Apartment 4,518 sq ft 5 AED 8,525,751
View property ID6123 The Residences, JLT (Taj, JLT) Apartment 6,375 sq ft 5 AED 13,329,069
View property ID6124 The Residences, JLT (Taj, JLT) Penthouse 10,754 sq ft 5 AED 21,937,955
View property ID6555 SOHO Palm Apartment 841 sq ft 1 AED 1,275,000
View property ID6559 SOHO Palm Apartment 1,264 sq ft 2 AED 1,765,000
View property ID6560 SOHO Palm Apartment 2,099 sq ft 3 AED 2,925,000
View property ID6574 Tiara Residences Apartment 1,869 sq ft 1 AED 2,100,000
View property ID6626 Serenia The Palm Apartment 1,526 sq ft 2 AED 3,200,000
View property ID6685 Muraba Residence Penthouse 6,738 sq ft 5 AED 25,295,739
View property ID6699 Palme Couture Apartment 5,429 sq ft 4 AED 21,448,500
View property ID6700 Palme Couture Semi-detached townhouse 5,053 sq ft 4 AED 29,419,000
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