Laxmi Bhavnani

Associate Director, License No. 37199

Laxmi Bhavnani is an Associate Director at Luxhabitat Sotheby's International Realty. Her career spans over 13 years of experience in Dubai real estate market including 5 years as a real estate investor. Having been on the other side, Laxmi holds a perspective which helps her understand the market dynamics and how to use these trends to get the best out of a deal for her clients. In business, Laxmi possesses a methodology of exceptional honesty & stringent code of conduct. Along with an acute sense of business, Laxmi holds a Masters degree from Mumbai University. Her exceptional background combined with her love for luxury real estate and vast knowledge of Dubai helps her find her clients the ideal property of great value & highest potential return. Her areas of expertise include the Emirates Living villa community, Meadows, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park and the Lakes.

Listings by Laxmi

Property Address Type Size Bedrooms Price
View property ID GS-S-31270 Jumeirah Islands Villa 5,400 sq ft 4 AED 7,499,000
View property ID GS-S-31511 The Meadows Villa 5,242 sq ft 5 AED 9,000,000
View property ID GS-S-31444 Jumeirah Islands Villa 6,200 sq ft 5 AED 12,000,000
View property ID GS-S-31520 Jumeirah Islands Villa 7,000 sq ft 5 AED 9,400,000
View property ID GS-S-31663 Jumeirah Golf Estates Villa 5,499 sq ft 4 AED 8,350,000
View property ID GS-S-31664 Jumeirah Golf Estates Villa 4,650 sq ft 4 AED 8,500,000
View property ID GS-S-31786 Jumeirah Islands Villa 10,600 sq ft 4 AED 8,995,000
View property ID GS-S-32425 Jumeirah Islands Villa 14,250 sq ft 5 AED 13,990,000
View property ID GS-S-31674 Jumeirah Islands Villa 5,500 sq ft 4 AED 7,000,000
View property ID GS-S-32593 Jumeirah Islands Villa 8,400 sq ft 5 AED 12,899,950
View property ID GS-S-32493 Jumeirah Park Villa 4,035 sq ft 3 AED 4,600,000
View property ID GS-S-32968 Jumeirah Islands Villa 8,455 sq ft 6 AED 18,500,000
View property ID GS-S-33066 Jumeirah Islands Villa 11,043 sq ft 4 AED 7,600,000
View property ID GS-S-33088 The Meadows Villa 3,800 sq ft 5 AED 8,150,000
View property ID GS-S-33186 Jumeirah Islands Villa 5,500 sq ft 4 AED 10,300,000
View property ID GS-S-33041 Dubai Hills Villa 24,603 sq ft 7 AED 85,000,000
View property ID GS-S-33546 Jumeirah Islands Villa 10,600 sq ft 4 AED 8,000,000
View property ID GS-S-33638 Jumeirah Islands Villa 5,300 sq ft 5 AED 8,750,000
View property ID GS-S-33675 The Meadows Villa 6,151 sq ft 5 AED 14,000,000
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