Mohamed Othman

Associate Director, License No. 47949

Mohamed Othman is an associate director at Luxhabitat Sotheby’s International Realty. A motivated, goal-driven entrepreneur, drawn to real estate at an early age, Mohamed began building his property portfolio at the age of 24 in Cairo for investment and property flipping schemes. As the UAE entered its second bear market in 2015, Mohamed intercepted the opportunity to increase his portfolio and network internationally and relocated to Dubai. With a degree in finance from the Cairo University London, started his Journey in UAE at as a portfolio manager at one of the biggest banks in the country and then moved to the industry of his dreams the real estate. Mohamed is currently applying his skills to his chosen trade in the Dubai realty market. A combination of a sharpened experience and a shroud knowledge of property markets and the deep financial knowledge, Mohamed is a devoted investment and money management consultant who has successfully advised on the consolidation of residential real estate portfolios, be it the acquisition of further investments or the withdrawal for capital. His services excel in providing specific, efficient advice due to a constantly replenished network and the international brand core framework in which he works within, at Luxhabitat Sotheby's International Realty enabling him to tap into the world's most luxurious developments and opportunities; allowing for full capitalization for his client base.

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