Timothy Ogunniyi

Sr. Global Property Consultant, License No. 41369

Timothy Ogunniyi is a Senior Global Property Consultant at Luxhabitat Sotheby's International Realty, and specializes in Dubai Land. Timothy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Computing from Northamptonshire University, United Kingdom. He possesses very well rounded knowledge in various aspects of the real estate industry and prior to specialising within the Dubai real estate sector, has 6 years real estate experience within London and surrounding areas. With extensive regional and international experience, Timothy offers personalized, professional and highly comprehensive advice for all of his clients and their property needs.

Listings by Timothy

Property Address Type Size Bedrooms Price
View property ID GS-S-19766 Arabian Ranches Villa 8,661 sq ft 5 AED 11,998,999
View property ID GS-S-30843 Dubai Hills Villa 22,500 sq ft 7 AED 40,000,000
View property ID GS-S-30822 Arabian Ranches Villa 5,395 sq ft 6 AED 7,500,000
View property ID GS-R-30844 Dubai Hills Villa 22,500 sq ft 7 AED 1,500,000 per year
View property ID GS-S-31763 Dubai Land Villa 4,700 sq ft 4 AED 4,500,000
View property ID GS-S-32214 Arabian Ranches Villa 4,847 sq ft 6 AED 5,600,000
View property ID GS-S-32235 Dubai Hills Apartment 924 sq ft 1 AED 1,444,888
View property ID GS-S-32265 Dubai Hills Apartment 723 sq ft 2 AED 1,194,888
View property ID GS-S-32231 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,669 sq ft 3 AED 3,417,888
View property ID GS-S-32275 Dubai Hills Apartment 871 sq ft 2 AED 1,148,888
View property ID GS-S-32365 Arabian Ranches Villa 6,006 sq ft 7 AED 10,013,888
View property ID GS-S-32364 Arabian Ranches Villa 5,395 sq ft 6 AED 8,741,888
View property ID GS-S-32397 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,843 sq ft 3 AED 3,246,888
View property ID GS-S-32389 Dubai Hills Apartment 614 sq ft 1 AED 954,888
View property ID GS-S-32408 Dubai Hills Apartment 720 sq ft 1 AED 1,122,888
View property ID GS-S-32419 Arabian Ranches Apartment 2,508 sq ft Studio AED 2,330,888
View property ID GS-S-32461 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 3,096 sq ft 3 AED 5,316,888
View property ID GS-S-32473 Dubai Hills Apartment 1,690 sq ft 3 AED 2,899,888
View property ID GS-S-32482 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,492 sq ft 3 AED 3,352,888
View property ID GS-S-32522 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,812 sq ft 3 AED 2,501,888
View property ID GS-S-32551 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 3,048 sq ft 4 AED 6,101,888
View property ID GS-S-32549 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 3,273 sq ft 4 AED 4,341,888
View property ID GS-S-32575 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,489 sq ft 3 AED 2,372,888
View property ID GS-S-32536 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,144 sq ft 2 AED 2,910,888
View property ID GS-S-28643 Jumeirah Islands Villa 5,285 sq ft 4 AED 9,700,000
View property ID GS-S-32662 Dubai Land Villa 2,834 sq ft 4 AED 2,500,000
View property ID GS-S-32682 Arabian Ranches Villa 5,484 sq ft 5 AED 6,033,888
View property ID GS-S-32678 Arabian Ranches Villa 4,441 sq ft 4 AED 4,232,888
View property ID GS-S-32676 Arabian Ranches Villa 4,098 sq ft 4 AED 4,129,888
View property ID GS-S-32683 Arabian Ranches Villa 5,484 sq ft 5 AED 6,081,888
View property ID GS-S-32692 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,648 sq ft 3 AED 2,695,888
View property ID GS-S-32685 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 678 sq ft 1 AED 1,443,888
View property ID GS-S-32701 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 3,068 sq ft 4 AED 4,869,888
View property ID GS-S-32696 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,648 sq ft 3 AED 3,326,888
View property ID GS-S-32671 Dubai Creek Harbour Apartment 1,567 sq ft 2 AED 3,142,888
View property ID GS-S-32618 Dubai Hills Villa 22,000 sq ft 6 AED 39,500,000
View property ID GS-S-32883 Dubai Hills Villa 10,000 sq ft 5 AED 20,000,000
View property ID GS-S-32975 Arabian Ranches Villa 4,150 sq ft 4 AED 5,300,000
View property ID GS-S-32617 Dubai Hills Villa 9,868 sq ft 7 AED 29,000,000
View property ID GS-S-33641 Dubai Hills Villa 3,000 sq ft 3 AED 5,100,000
View property ID GS-S-33569 Dubai Hills Villa 10,366 sq ft 6 AED 33,750,000
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