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Luxhabitat joins The Luxury Network in UAE

LUXHABITAT, UAE’s only high-end real estate brokerage firm, joins an international premium marketing group, launched this month in the UAE, as one of its founding partners and the only to represent the real estate sector in the country.

The Luxury Network is a leading luxury marketing group, a private consortium of 75 non-competitive premium brands, with current networks in London, Beverly Hills, Moscow and Milan, working together at senior director level for mutual business development.

“We are delighted to become a founding member of The Luxury Network in the UAE because we believe that it will be a valuable resource in facilitating cooperation and new business development amongst a selection of top brands in the country”, said Oriol Font, Managing Director at Luxhabitat.

“At Luxhabitat we are constantly looking for segmented and innovative marketing initiatives and our reason for joining The Luxury Network is to create unique partnerships working with members through joint collaborations, brand alignment initiatives and media share opportunities in targeted campaigns to high net worth individuals.”

We are also launching a number of exclusive private events soon at some of our exclusive properties and would be interested to hear from Luxury Network partners who would like to participate.” Font added.

Launched in London in early 2007, The Luxury Network covers all areas of the top-end market including private jets, yacthing, motoring concierge, health & beauty, wealth management, premium real estate, exclusive travel, golf, jewellery & watches, entertainment & fashion.

The Luxury Network International current membership portfolio boasts some of the worlds finest brands including Bentley, Aston Martin, Royal Jet, Koenigsegg, Moet Hennessey, Barclays Wealth, Harrods, Sunseeker Yachts and Royal Ascot, to name just a few.