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Prospective buyers in Dubai that are looking to find apartments will find that they have many options to choose from in the market. The high-end luxury apartments that are for sale maintain the high standards that is synonymous with Dubai. Some of these amazing features that these properties come with are infinity pools, gorgeous views of the Dubai skyline, and private gardens and leisure facilities. Most of the high-end apartments feature some of the best of amenities, including a pool and gym, amongst others. The more exclusive apartment buildings also have concierge services and valet parking on offer.

How is apartment living in Dubai?

Over 70% of residents in Dubai live in apartments, however, this has begun to shift due to the growth and affordability of villa communities. Apartments in Dubai are very safe to live in, often providing round the clock security and a host of amenities with residents to enjoy. In some of the prime areas, the amenities can include swimming pools, gyms, sauna, a party hall, private gardens, jacuzzi, BBQ area, and more.

Is it expensive to live in Dubai?

Dubai offers a range of communities to live in that suit every budget. The cost of living may be considered high, but the city is also home to a lot of convenience as a tradeoff. Basic amenities are price controlled to ensure no major inflation for essential items. Living in Dubai is very much akin to living in any other major city worldwide in terms of costs.

How much does an apartment cost in Dubai?

The cost of an apartment in Dubai greatly varies from community to community and highly depends on the affordability of the buyer. Some other factors that impact the cost of the apartment are quality, location, and accessibility.

What are the best places in Dubai to buy an apartment?

Is now a good time to buy real estate in Dubai?

Yes, it would be considered a good time to buy real estate in Dubai right now, even with prices rising. Dubai’s handling of the Covid-19 during the pandemic has spurred on investors and end-users worldwide to arrive to the city and purchase a property. The excellent standard of living in addition to great healthcare and schools are just some of the things that make Dubai such a great place to live. Last year, the mortgage cap for expats increased to up to 80% of the property price, thus driving up sales of homes. With the Expo 2020 due to begin in October, we think it is a great time for purchasing a home for investment or end-use.

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Dubai , The City of the Future