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Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), widely recognized as one of Dubai's most vibrant attractions, captivates visitors with its allure. This remarkable waterfront community features 40 towering buildings grouped into six clusters, all of which offer breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. JBR's exquisite design caters specifically to couples and young families, providing them with a year-round resort-like lifestyle by the beach. Every apartment for sale in this expansive development showcases magnificent sea views, enhancing the overall appeal.

Renowned as the world's largest single-phase residential and commercial project, JBR stretches along a 1.7-kilometer pathway known as The Walk. This bustling promenade is adorned with a myriad of beachfront cafes, top-notch hotels, a vibrant nightlife scene, delightful shopping opportunities, and a pedestrian-friendly environment. It is no wonder that JBR continues to be one of the most coveted areas in the city, offering an unrivaled blend of leisure, luxury, and convenience.

On The Map

Closest metro station: Sharaf DG Metro Station

Closest tram station: Jumeirah Beach Residence Tram Station 1 and Jumeirah Beach Residence Tram Station 2.

Closest school: GEMS World Academy, Dubai

Closest hospital: Emirates Hospital

Dubai International Airport: 30-minutes drive.

Al Maktoum Airport: 27-minutes drive.

Directly accessible via tram and plenty of taxis available at all times within the area. 

The Neighbours

The Dream Life By The Seaside

JBR stands as one of Dubai's most desirable developments, offering an exclusive yet vibrant lifestyle that appeals to a young and energetic demographic. The renowned beachside boulevard, The Walk, serves as the centerpiece, catering to the retail and dining needs of residents and visitors alike. Living in JBR is synonymous with being part of a thriving community.

The area boasts luxurious waterfront apartments that perfectly suit couples and young families seeking a lively atmosphere and the convenience of a well-designed residential and vacation destination. The scenic beach views and a wide range of activities are readily available, catering to the adventurous and fun-loving residents. The growing selection of high-quality restaurants enjoys immense popularity among locals, residents, and tourists.

JBR's nightlife scene is vibrant, providing an exciting and entertaining ambiance every evening. Additionally, the entire district offers a pleasant environment for strolling at any time of the day, making it an ideal destination for family-friendly outings. JBR captures the essence of a dynamic and enjoyable lifestyle, making it a sought-after location in the Middle East for both residents and visitors.

Residents enjoy the convenience of necessities just a stone's throw away.

What To Expect

A Fun Packed Atmosphere Beneath The Stars

Nestled along the mesmerizing Arabian Gulf, The Walk introduces a distinctive open-air retail concept that mesmerizes visitors with its captivating allure. This enchanting waterfront promenade showcases an array of chic boutiques, an uninterrupted parade of al fresco dining options, and a multitude of indulgent activities. It has swiftly emerged as a premier attraction in Dubai, renowned for its vibrant ambiance, satisfying retail cravings, and hosting beachfront restaurants.

While the eateries along the strip do not serve alcoholic beverages, the neighboring hotels offer delightful bars to cater to those specific desires. The strip stands as a top tourist magnet, offering an ideal setting for evening entertainment and exclusive weekend experiences. Residents of the JBR area enjoy the added advantage of special discounts available exclusively to them within the vicinity.

To further enhance the experience, bicycles can be rented along the bustling boulevard, allowing visitors to explore the strip while enjoying a fun exercise session. Adding to the visual splendor, street artists have adorned the pedestrian strip with awe-inspiring works of art, creating captivating glimpses that capture the attention of passersby. The Walk truly presents an alluring blend of retail, culinary delights, and artistic charm, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

Living by the beach with over 200 restaurants and outlets at your doorstep makes JBR the ultimate beach lifestyle.

Capturing the essence of vibrant urban living, The Beach, JBR is a sun-drenched haven that combines entertainment, delectable dining options, thrilling water sports, a 600-meter running track, and a fully equipped outdoor gym where group classes and yoga sessions take place. It encompasses all these incredible amenities in one centralized location, setting a new standard for extraordinary events and experiences. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Bla Bla, a beach club that offers all-day dining and refreshing beverages right by the shore. For a more laid-back yet satisfying meal, make your way to local favorites like Common Grounds and The Maine.

The beach itself is thoughtfully designed to cater to families with children, providing impeccably maintained and welcoming playgrounds that prioritize safety. Additionally, sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the sports nets available on the beach for games and active fun. Convenient facilities such as outdoor showers, changing rooms, and washrooms are also provided.

If you're looking to push your fitness limits while enjoying the coastal ambiance, Muscle Beach awaits. This beachside fitness zone offers various exercises including weightlifting, rope climbing, kettlebell workouts, and crossfit. Occasional free yoga sessions and boot camps further enhance the diverse fitness offerings at The Beach.

JBR ROxy Cinemas
Image credit: Roxy Cinemas

Located right opposite The Walk on The Beach, JBR, a branch of the Roxy Cinemas entertains visitors with the latest blockbuster films throughout the day. The 10-screen cinema promises ultimately luxurious, yet comfortable viewings for all. 

The world's largest observation wheel; Ain-Dubai (which translates to the Eye of Dubai) is set to stand tall on the man-made Bluewaters Island, connected to The Beach, JBR. The off-plan project is designed to to separated into four sections: leisure and entertainment, retail, hotels and beach clubs, and residential. The 210-meters high Ferris wheel is devised to have cabins big enough to have people on their feet and strolling around so they can be indulged in optimum sight-seeing opportunities.

Rising majestically on Bluewaters Island, connected to Jumeirah Beach Residence stands Ain Dubai, the world's largest observation wheel. Its name, which translates to the Eye of Dubai, perfectly captures its grandeur. The project encompasses four distinct sections, each catering to different aspects: leisure and entertainment, retail, hotels and beach clubs, and residential offerings. 

 Reaching an impressive height of 210 meters, this Ferris wheel offers an unparalleled experience. Its spacious cabins are designed to allow visitors to walk around freely, immersing themselves in the breathtaking vistas as they indulge in optimal sight-seeing opportunities. Ain Dubai truly takes observation wheels to new heights, offering a memorable and awe-inspiring adventure.

Jumeirah Beach Residence also offers a wide range of five-star hotels. The Ritz Carlton Dubai Resort, Rixos Premium and Sofitel Dubai premium beach hotel all provide exclusive beach access. The fantastic location of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels, Dubai boasts scenic views, a private beach, pool, gym and sauna. The hotel's two restaurants offer international cuisines, along with an inviting pool bar. Furthermore, a 4-star hotel; Ramada Plaza, Jumeirah Beach, lies in the vicinity offering world-class amenities and gorgeous sea views, including five restaurants with delightful menus and some with an appealing bar. 

What Not To Expect

Easy Accessibility With Your Car

The traffic situation in JBR remains a constant source of frustration for both residents and visitors. The single-lane road is consistently congested, regardless of the time of day, as even those who have no intention of stopping choose to drive through simply to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the neighborhood. The introduction of the Dubai Tram was intended to alleviate traffic issues, but instead, it exacerbated the problem by adding to the congestion due to the presence of stations and railway tracks.

Parking excaberates the challenges further, especially during the evening when the single-lane road becomes painfully slow-moving. The available free parking spaces always seem to be occupied, leaving drivers with limited options. Underground parking is an alternative, but it proves to be quite expensive for frequent visitors, with an hourly rate of AED 20. Additionally, the absence of mall complexes that group retailers together makes navigating between different shops a cumbersome task, particularly in the sweltering heat.

The persisting traffic and parking woes, coupled with the inconvenience of scattered retailers, contribute to the overall challenges faced by those in JBR, impacting both the convenience and enjoyment of the area.

The appalling traffic frustrates many visitors and residents, causing a blister amongst them.


Aesthetically Pleasing Construction

The iconic sandy-hued towers promote beachside-living at its best. With apartments ranging from studios, penthouses, lofts, garden apartments, duplexes through to one to four bedroom apartments, JBR hosts a modern facade in an Arabesque setting.Views from all apartments show either the beautiful Arabian Gulf, the landscaped inner courtyards, or Dubai Marina (which is located right behind JBR). 

Mediterranean and Arabic architectural styled towers are some of the apartments with the most desirable residential address. Spacious apartments with affordable prices are perfect residences for couples and small families, with the beach and world-class activities just across the road. There are a few new exciting developments coming up in the area; including 1/JBR and Bluewater Residences.

The residential towers in the JBR area are divided into five distinct clusters: Shams, Rimal, Amwaj, Sadaf, and Murjan. Each cluster offers a unique living experience tailored to different preferences and needs.

Shams, the closest tower to the beach, showcases traditional architectural elements and features exceptionally spacious apartments. These residences boast luxurious ensuites and gourmet kitchens, providing residents with the utmost comfort and elegance.

Rimal presents a diverse range of apartment sizes, catering to various lifestyles. From cozy studios to expansive four-bedroom units, penthouses, lofts, duplexes, and terrace floorplans, Rimal has it all. Residents can enjoy breathtaking sea views through large windows and balconies, adding a touch of natural beauty to their living spaces.

Amwaj apartments provide the option of being furnished and offer full views of the mesmerizing Arabian Gulf. With open-floor plans, these accommodations offer a sense of spaciousness, and some units even include a maid's quarter. The blend of comfort, style, and captivating vistas creates an inviting atmosphere for residents.

Sadaf residences boast luxurious ensuites within their apartments. Moreover, the larger flats, duplexes and penthouses in this tower often grant residents access to a private pool, offering a private oasis amidst the bustling cityscape.

Murjan offers both purchase and rental options for its extremely spacious residences. Residents of Murjan can enjoy access to multiple gyms within the complex, ensuring convenient fitness opportunities. Additionally, the tower provides private beach access, allowing residents to embrace the coastal lifestyle and enjoy the sandy shores at their leisure.

The diversity and quality of residential offerings across the Shams, Rimal, Amwaj, Sadaf, and Murjan clusters make JBR an attractive destination for those seeking comfortable and luxurious living spaces with a range of amenities to enhance their lifestyles.

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