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6 best clinics and medical centres in Downtown Dubai

Best clinics and medical centres in Downtown Dubai

A guide to the healthcare options for Downtown Dubai

Words by Ruqayyah Khan in The Guides · Feb 12th, 2018

It’s hard to beat Downtown Dubai as a residential paradise. Home to iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera and Dubai Mall, and featuring a plethora of shopping destinations, restaurants, lounges, and entertainment options, residents are just minutes away from anything they could want. Beyond the incomparable entertainment, Downtown also has all the necessary facilities. Here is Luxhabitat’s list of six healthcare options in the area:

1. Drs. Nicolas And Asp

Drs. Nicolas and Asp started as a private dental clinic, but has grown over 22 years to include medical care and aesthetic services, as well. Accredited by The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI), Drs. Nicolas and Asp takes great pride in patient satisfaction and their use of the most current technology. Consultations also run longer than the industry standard and the clinic has its own community initiatives. They also cover dermatology, physiotherapy, and Pilates. 

Drs. Nicolas and Asp is located in Souk al Manzil. 

T: +971 4 451 1777

2. Medeor Downtown Medical Centre

Medeor’s only location is in Downtown, but they offer comprehensive medical care. They cover everything from internal medicine to physiotherapy. This medical centre also offers mental health services for individuals and corporate organisations. Medeor aims to provide high quality care and services with their multicultural and experienced staff, and through various packages and promotions. 

Medeor Downtown Medical Centre is located on the ground floor of Yansoon 9. 

T: +971 4 363 8080

3. Aster Clinic, Business Bay

A guide to the healthcare options for Downtown Dubai

Aster is one of the most recognisable names in healthcare in Dubai. With their nearby location in Business Bay, they provide the comprehensive services they’re known for in a convenient destination. Aster clinics focus on innovation, advancement, and the promise to “treat you well” at any and all times. The clinic in Business Bay provides all the necessary services and even includes an attached pharmacy. 

Aster Clinic is located in Executive Towers, Bay Avenue. 

T: +971 4 440 0500

4. Emirates Hospital, Business Bay Clinic

This group of clinics and hospitals has a vision to go beyond and be more than a hospital, to create a health ecosystem. Emirates Hospitals, with their highly accredited staff, state-of-the-art technology, and goal to provide the best possible care, consistently leave patients happy and satisfied. The clinic in Business Bay offers a wide range of services in dentistry, dermatology, general medicine, and more. 

Emirates Hospital Clinic is located in Block B, Mezzanine Floor, Bay Avenue

T: +971 4 368 3813

5. Mediclinic Dubai Mall

Best clinics for Downtown Dubai

Mediclinic Dubai Mall is another conveniently located clinic in Downtown Dubai. It is also the “largest outpatient medical facility” in Dubai. The clinic aims to create a calming alternative to the usually stressful experience of visiting the doctor. Mediclinic’s Dubai Mall facility, in addition to laboratory and general medicine services, also offers dietetics, MRI, and minimally invasive procedures supported by a daycare unit. 

Mediclinic Dubai Mall is located on Fashion Parking Level 7, Dubai Mall. 

T: +971 4 449 5111

6. Excellency Centers

This facility is dedicated entirely to physiotherapy. Led by a specialist team, Excellency Centers employs advanced methods and technology to both treat and prevent physical injuries and pain. They have a variety of treatments including cryotherapy, electroacupuncture, magnetotherapy, and clinical Pilates, covering a wide range of issues from Tennis elbow and heel spurs to spinal disorders and post-surgery rehabilitation. 

Excellency Centers is located in Al Saaha, Block D, Office W406, Old Town Island 

T: +971 4 453 3377

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