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How to become a real estate agent in Dubai

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Passionate about real estate? Here's some tips on how to be a successful real estate agent in Dubai

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Agent · Nov 4th, 2018

Getting a RERA license is just the beginning to the rites of passage of being a good real estate agent in Dubai. With a lot of competition, your attitude and service amongst others are some of the main criteria that will drive you to success. We break it down below:

1. Get Hired By A Real Estate Company That Aligns With Your Values

Even though real estate companies are dime a dozen in Dubai, it's important to pick the right one to kickstart your career. Highlighting any property experience in the past can easily help you get a foot in the door. Make sure you understand your niche well. If your property portfolio doesn't match the company's, your resume might be glossed over for a job. For example, Luxhabitat focuses on high-end properties such as those on the Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hills and are most likely to hire agents who have these as part of the portfolio.

It's important to keep in mind what you want before you go for it.

2. Clear The Rera Exam

After you get hired, it's time to get your broker license. The way to do this is to attend a course at the Dubai Land Department. The course takes about 20 hours of work. After clearing the exam, you will need to renew your license every year. There are a bunch of other training courses for you to specialise in available here. Most companies cover the cost of the license for employees.

3. Familiarize Yourself With The Area

If you've been given an area for specialisation, then you should know it at the back of your hand. Just knowing the numbers and prices of the area isn't enough, sell the lifestyle. Understand each and every nook and corner. How does the community function? Supermarkets and retail close by. Look at all these things and add them to your sales pitch. Even consider moving to the area if you can afford it and experience what you like and don't like about it. Network with the residents to get more listings.

4. Develop A Personal Brand

These days, it's all about who you know and how you portray yourself in addition to hustling hard. Real estate never sleeps, so consider going for that after-work networking event, posting about your professional life on social media, holding live sections, participate in real estate exhibitions as a panel speaker, and more. There are multiple property expos that take place all around the year, so make sure you're part of them.

5. Stay Connected

Whether it's a current client or a prospective one, make sure there are no loopholes in your service. Right from receiving your lead and making that introductory phone call, make sure that you also invest in great after-sales service and follow-up.