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The new PAL Garden Sofa collection is perfect for outdoor settings as you can customise it according to your needs.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Design & Architecture · May 30th, 2018

Designed by Francesc Rifé for luxury garden furniture specialists, Point, the Pal Corner Garden Sofa is the latest in the collection. Pal is a modular outdoor seating system consisting of upholstered cushion elements which are placed on a solid teak platform to create chairs, sofas & chaise longues. With its soft, subtle colors and earthy tones, it’s a perfect fit as an outdoor furniture piece.

The corner sofa pictured here comprises of two sofa elements, one which includes a coffee table and one which does not. However, you can add an optional coffee table on the right if you wish, thus making it look like it was always there and create a finality to the overall look; giving the guest no idea the sofa could be adjusted in the first place! Perfect for a garden setting and those high teas we all love.

The Teak used for the Pal collection is top quality A-grade wood containing high levels of oil & natural rubbers making it strong, durable and extremely weather resistant. 

Point Furniture, Dubai,UAE 

Images & content courtesy of Point

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