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Celebrating the Women of Luxhabitat

Women of Luxhabitat - Women's Day

Luxhabitat celebrates gender equality & women empowerment at the workplace

Words by Ankita Bhowmick & Komal Pamwani in Company News · Mar 8th, 2018

There is no better way to celebrate this day than to shine a light on the ladies who have contributed to the success of Luxhabitat through their talent, perseverance and continuous dedication.

Luxhabitat celebrates the spirit of women's day by paying an ode to the wonderful women leading the company to its success. Setting itself apart from most of their competitors, the representation of women at Luxhabitat defines women empowerment as well as women equality. Women hold key positions in the company where they are decision makers across a variety of functions - from sales to marketing. 

The real estate industry is traditionally perceived as male dominated, but is now witnessing an incremental gender shift. From being only hired for client centered roles or in administration, women have managed to break the norms of gender inequality to hold strong and authoritative positions in the corporate sector; real estate industry being no exception to this. 

Real estate is a very tough industry to get into, because it's not for everyone, it's so competitive and dominated by men! But if you have a good work ethic and positive attitude towards challenges, you can be successful.

Discussing the importance of International Women's Day, Oriol Font, the CEO of Luxhabitat said, "As we reach the International Women's day, I believe its a time to recognize the positive changes some of most recent movements like #metoo have made in bringing difficult topics to the forefront of the conversation. But at the same time, it's also important to reflect on how much change there is left to make to achieve true gender equality in our society."

In Luxhabitat we have a gender 50/50 parity across the team. Women dominate the more senior positions. We are extremely proud of it ,but we are simply a reflection of our society. On average, this should always be the case in all companies and markets.

Women At Luxhabitat

As a part of our unbiased policy and ethics, Luxhabitat recruits talents purely based on skills and capabilities of the individuals irrespective of their gender boasting an equal ratio of male and female employees. Gracing diversity, Luxhabitat is a melting pot of diverse cultures as it is home to 8 nationalities, including:  Spanish, German, Canadian, British, Indian, Dominican, Filipino and Belgian.

Jan Tabrizi, General Manager at Luxhabitat said, "This is a day to celebrate how far we have come in terms of women's rights, a day when we can all come out in strength to celebrate, feel good and express our love and gratitude towards women that have contributed to our lives and society. Here at Luxhabitat, women are in roles that have the power to create, transform and lead. Here at Luxhabitat, we are a gender-diverse workplace with strong women who have the vision to pave the path towards our progress."

We are a gender-diverse workplace with strong women who have the vision to pave the path towards our progress.

Women in Luxhabitat feel as an essential part of the organisation as their views and suggestions are well received regardless of their gender and designation. The horizontal structure and approachable nature of the management make the women feel a sense of belongingness. 

"Luxhabitat has a positive atmosphere where inputs are heard by all and worked upon. The opinions of individuals are valued. The management encourages staff to collaborate ideas, which is a great step towards gender parity", Paola Badia, HR & Operations Manager at Luxhabitat.