Mr.c residences dubai

Stunningly curated, Mr.C Residences is a selection of serviced 3 bedroom apartments to 6 bedroom duplexes designed by Arquitectonica and interiors by the award-winning Meyer Davis Studio. Each unit is accesible through its very own private elevator, allowing one privacy. Top of the line materials, an excellent location and superior service are just some of the hallmarks of this project. Residents are able to access a plethora of amenities and facilities all serviceable through the Mr. C app. Each residential unit offers up hints of nautical inspiration with its soft curves and airiness. The generous layouts are supplemented with sophisticated millwork and beautiful travertine interiors. In addition to the two pools on its amenities level, each residence has its private dipping pool that is integrated into the balcony.

2 homes
  • Jumeirah

    Mr C Residences AED 44,500,000
    • Apartment
    • 4 beds
    • 3,767 sq. ft.
  • Jumeirah

    Mr C Residences AED 72,000,000
    • Penthouse
    • 5 beds
    • 10,652 sq. ft.

Know more about our luxurious apartments for sale in Mr. C Residences, Dubai Water Canal, Jumeirah

In Mr.C Residences, Dubai Water Canal, Jumeirah you will find luxurious apartments for sale with large spaces, available from 3 to 6 bedrooms, including duplexes. Luxury Apartments for Sale in Mr.C Residences come with a luxury yacht feel, bringing together features of the natural landscape of the desert with a sophisticated Italian touch. When it comes to the residences, there is a sophistication that pervades throughout, with careful wooden detailing and top of the line furnishing. Using organic materials have given the building a sense of simplicity and elegance. Carefully selected stones, beautiful wood veneers and metals are assembled for a superior finish.

What to expect at Mr. C Residences, Dubai Water Canal, Jumeirah

Situated on the Dubai Water Canal in the heart of Jumeirah, Mr.C Residences is a selection of serviced 3 to 6 bedroom apartments and penthouses designed to live the good life. Hailing from the 4th generation of the famous entrepreneurial Cipriani family, Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani have drawn on their rich familial history as well as their own 21st-century perspectives to create Mr. C, a luxury hospitality and residential brand for glamorous modern living. Mr. C Residences live up to the highest standards of design and are set in the most extraordinary global locations, with Dubai now being added to the list. 

The architecture has been designed by the internationally renowned firm Arquitectonica and interiors by the award-winning Meyer Davis Studio. Residential interiors and amenity spaces channel the nautical tradition that gives Mr. C Residences Jumeirah its unique character and soul.  What makes this development really interesting is a high level of personalized service. Residents can benefit from a valet service, butler, housekeeping, chauffeur services, and superior automated home solutions. The amenities are numerous, from a private plunge pool, Bellini cafe, a poolside F&B service, cocktail and juice bar, outdoor movie theater, poolside cabanas with towel service, modern gym, salon treatment room, a children's adventure lab and more. Enjoy your morning espresso on your spacious outdoor private terrace, then taking a dip in your own plunge pool, or spending the afternoon lounging on your private rooftop gardens are just a few of the exclusive experiences Mr. C Residences Jumeirah puts at your fingertips. 

To some extent, the building relating to the waterfront location on this beautiful canal is coincidental with the DNA of the brand Mr. C. In the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, there’s always a concern about perfection of finishes. The beauty of materials, organic materials, and a certain degree of simplicity, that makes the building very elegant. That tradition will be carried in this building. When you look at the details in the architecture, in the railings, in the soffits, in the in the interiors, in the way the spaces are configured, the proportions of the spaces are very classical. The undulating forms of the balconies are relating to the canal, but also are creating an aesthetic that is very sculptural and soft and flowing together with the building. It’s an elliptical tower that stands next to the water. It is unique in its form, but it’s also very pure and elegant. As a counterpoint to the fluid forms of the main building, a second exclusive tower rises facing the Burj Khalifa. Its pearl like elliptical shape continues the nautical vocabulary of the design. Throughout the project the details support the water bound theme of luxury yacht design. The soft forms imply a relaxed mood reflecting the idea of a resort nestled in the city.