Open House: Sweden villa


Set in a Maldives-like setting mixed with Swedish architecture, this Sweden villa will prove to be an idyllic home.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Portfolio · Oct 12th, 2021

 In this edition of 'Open House', we explore the last remaining Sweden villa available for sale in the World Islands with Delphine Cazals, the Marketing Director of The Heart of Europe. Set in a Maldives-like setting, the stunning six-storey villa situated amongst a plethora of green pays tribute to the elements of Viking and Swedish culture. Situated a 20 minute boat ride away from Jumeirah shores, the sheer scale and magnetism of the villa and development shines through.

Delphine: Surrounded by the beautiful Palm trees, with 360 degree views of the skyline and calming waters as well as private beach, you can get off the boat and walk through the green pathways so that you can get a feel of the wilderness in Sweden. We've added some hidden lazy hammocks and swings to enjoy along the way. All the 60+ plants have been specifically picked to create an ecosystem and be self-sufficient. We are not using fungicides and pesticides; we use an underground irrigation system that disperses desalinated and recycled water. This creates an environment that is 5 degrees cooler than the mainland. It is all landscaped using Feng Shui principles. There is also a coral reef that the private residents of the island can enjoy, maintained with the help of The Coral Institute which rehabilitates coral reefs and marine life from the Arabian Gulf. The home and its swimming pool will be solar powered and the entire project is sustainable.

Lush greenery - Sweden villa

Delphine: The villa is also designed with Feng Shui principles, using the expertise of Master Li. The architecture is inspired by the Vikings and the best of Sweden and designed by Kleindienst interior designers and architects. The roof is an intricate glass structure that resembles the inverted hull of a Viking boat ornated with a 3-D printed golden dragon head replica, and it offers 360 panoramic views of the sea and /or the Dubai skyline. 

The intention of the design this villa is to cultivate a feeling of wellness throughout. The concept creation took 3 years including trips to Sweden and meetings with Bentley Home, which has furnished the entire villa. As a nod to the Viking culture, we also have put fire fountains framing the infinity swimming pool.

On the recreational floor, there is a Swedish fitness journey - comprising a gym and yoga studio using Technogym equipment with an en-suite massage room complete with a Northern lights ceiling, an en-suite giant sauna and an en-suite snow room with swirling snowflakes.

Living area
Ice room

Delphine: We've used clean lines throughout the project. The lower floor gives access to the recreational facilities as well as the kitchen space and accommodation for the staff. Once the hotels are open, you also have the option of getting round the clock food service from the best restaurants. On the ground floor, we have a main living area, a guest bedroom and large doors that lead straight to the swimming pool and beach. The master suite spans a whole floor with furnishing also by Bentley Home. There are a total of 7 bedrooms in the villa. The upper floor has a capacity for 300 guests and the rooftop has a majlis with marvelous views. All the floors are accessible via a private elevator. All the materials have been sourced from Europe and all eight of the home’s refined bathrooms are ornately decorated with glazed shower screens, bespoke mirror cabinetry, ceramic tiling and heated towel rails. Access to the island is only available to its residents, which ensures privacy and security. The new buyer must be vetted by the authorities at first, and then be approved by all the neighbors at Sweden Island in order to be allowed to purchase, much like a housing co-op seen in major cities worldwide. Even though Sweden Island is a private island, it is still part of The Heart of Europe holiday destination.

Entertainment space
Outdoor majlis

Update (12th May 2022): This villa is now sold.

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