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6 expert tips to buying property in the Arabian Ranches

5 expert tips to buying property in the Arabian Ranches

Here's a comprehensive guide to keep in mind while buying a villa in the Arabian Ranches

Words by Komal Pamwani in The Guides · Feb 22nd, 2018

Arabian Ranches is a premium gated community that places great emphasis on security and safety. The residents enjoy a combination of rich Arabic architecture combined with European finesse. Furthermore, the inhabitants experience peace and tranquility away from the hustle & bustle of the city. Buying property in this affluent community could provide prestige to its future owners as it has so much to offer in a secure environment; from schools, healthcare to even golf. Our expert Michaela Muller weighs in with her tips on buying property in the area:

1. Are You Looking To Invest Or Live In?

One may look at a property in Arabian Ranches just for investment purpose. In this case, you may pay a little less but enjoy services of a mature community. Arabian Ranches II serves as the ideal locality for an investor. 

However, if you're looking for a unique, upgraded home that's been renovated recently and are looking to stay long-term, then a home in Arabian Ranches I would be more ideal. Expect to spend a significantly higher price point for the same, however you need to keep in mind that all you'd need is your suitcase.

2. Understand The Neighbourhood

Arabian Ranches is a safe & secure community ideal for families. The neighborhood offers many amenities like retails centers, coffees shops, as well as a medical center. For younger children, the community also has a swimming pool and multiple play areas. Additionally, it is home to a number of schools and nurseries making it the perfect family place. Thus, the locality would not be ideal for singles. The community is socially quite active, so expect to make lots of friends and golf buddies!

Buyers would require a NOC to upgrade property in the Arabian Ranches from EMAAR. The process is very laid-back and simple, making external upgrades a favorite among residents - Michaela Muller

3. To Upgrade Or Not To

Extensions to a property can often be a cumbersome process. However, that is not the case at Arabian Ranches. Upgrading in the community follows a more relaxed approval process and a one-off fee. The process involves getting approval from EMAAR and Dubai Municipality.

4. Resale Value

The million dollar question to be asked here is whether upgrading property at the Arabian Ranches has a resale value. Upgrading property is definitely a great option as it adds value and is also preferred by new buyers. These also tend to have a higher price point.

5. Move In Formalities That Need To Be Followed

A Move In Permit (MIP) is an essential document while shifting into the community. The MIP is vital, as it helps maintain up to date information of the occupant and their needs in case of an emergency. The process involves just sending across an email to [email protected] with the required documents. It may take about 5 working days to issue an MIP accordingly.

List of Documents for Homeowners

- Ensure that all community service fees are settled 

- Complete the property move in form 

- Copy of passport and visa or Emirates ID

- Copy of Title Deed or certificate of Completion of payment 

- Power of attorney 

List of Documents for Tenants

- Ensure that all community service fees are settled by your landlord 

- Complete the property move in form 

 - Copy of passport and visa or Emirates ID

- Copy of tenancy contract

- Copy of Ejari Registration Certificate 

6. Service Charges

Service charges are recurring yearly/ monthly expenses that are essential for maintenance of the community. These charges tend to vary depending on how mature a development is in a certain community. At the Arabian Ranches, the older community in Phase 1 has been around 10 years now and tends to charge a higher service fee as compared to phase 2. The service fee is approximately AED 11- 15 per sqft in Phase 1. 

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