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Top 10 transactions so far this year

Emirates Hills

With the first half of the year behind us, here's a look at the most expensive transactions so far.

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Market · Aug 9th, 2016

Thanks to REIDIN, we have been able to shortlist the top 10 most expensive transactions in the first half of this year from January to June. 60% of the top 20 villas sold were from the Emirates Hills area, whereas the Palm Jumeirah accounted for 25% of the top 20 villas sold.

1) Emirates Hills, Aed 53 Million

Covering over 38,000 feet in terms of land area, a 21,540 square feet villa in Emirates hills was sold at AED 53 million in the beginning of the year.

2) Emirates Hills, Aed 50 Million

The Emirates Hills area accounted for AED 448 million in transactions in the first half of the year, with 16 villas sold according to REIDIN. This Emirates Hills villa has a built up area of 20,490 square feet and sits on a plot of 32,064 square feet.

3) Emirates Hills, Aed 45.9 Million

This year, 4 Emirates Hills villas were transacted in the month of January alone. This villa (not pictured) was one of them, with a built up area of 22,180 square feet and a plot size of 34,707 square feet.

4) Emirates Hills, Aed 44 Million

An Emirates Hills villa was sold for AED 44 million and covered a built-up area of 22,034 square feet. The average price of an Emirates Hills villa sold in the first half of the year is AED 27 million.

5) Signature Villa, Palm Jumeirah, Aed 38 Million

The total amount of transactions from January to June 2016 in the Palm Jumeirah exceeded AED 1.5 billion for both apartments and villas sold. The most expensive property sold on the Palm was a gallery view villa, according to Anne Ogilvie, Palm Jumeirah villas specialist.

6) Emirates Hills, Aed 32.5 Million

Another Emirates Hills villa sold for AED 32.5 million. It is a 11,622 square feet villa in terms of built up area and sits on an 18,641 square feet plot. The average price per square feet for a villa in Emirates Hills costs AED 1,789 based on the data provided by REIDIN.

7) Emirates Hills, Aed 32 Million

An Emirates Hills villa was sold at a price of AED 2,541 per square foot. REIDIN reports that the villa had a built up area of 12,596 per square feet.

8) Emirates Hills, Aed 30.75 Million

This particular Emirates Hills villa (not pictured) was amongst those transacted in January and was sold at the lowest price per square footage in the top 10; 1,526 per square feet for a 20,151 square feet home.

9) Emirates Hills, Aed 30 Million

Sold at AED 2,515 per square feet, this particular villa (not pictured above) was also purchased in January.

10) Emirates Hills, Aed 28 Million

An Emirates Hills villa sold at AED 2,228 per square feet in the second quarter of 2016.

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Editor's note: The villas listed above are purely for illustrative purposes. They are still listed for sale and have been featured for the reader to become familiar with the quality of villas sold at that price point.