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Luxury has a new home in the media.

Luxhabitat is glad to announce the launch of a new luxury lifestyle publication. The first of its kind in the UAE, The Journal is a quarterly large-format newspaper-style publication. 

The Journal's editor, Sandra Lane, worked for more than 20 years in Europe as a writer, editor and stylist specializing in art vivre, luxury goods, design and travel before moving to the UAE.

In keeping with Luxhabitat's approach to its specialist business, The Journal will be driven by an intelligent and in-depth approach to luxury, focusing on design and craftmanship: the people and inspirations behind the products; taste rather than trends; timeless style - in short, the elements that define true luxury.

The Journal will become an indispensible guide to living well - very well - in the UAE.

The debut editions will be revealed to the public on 1 June 2012.