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How to get an alcohol license in Dubai


Did you know that you need a licence to consume alcohol in Dubai? Here's how:

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Guides · Sep 17th, 2018

Did you know possession, transport and consumption of alcohol in Dubai requires an alcohol license? Put this on the things you need to do when you move to Dubai. If you didn't, here's the procedure to get one:

1. How To Apply For An Alcohol License In Dubai

1.  Fill out a form on African and Eastern or MMI. It costs approximately AED 270. Often, you'll get a couple of coupons you can use at their respective stores.

2. You need to attach your passport and visa copies, labour contract, a passport photograph and tenancy contract with your application. An NOC from your employer also may be required. 

3. It will take up to a month to receive your license. 

4. License is renewable every year at AED 160. 

2. Where Can I Buy Alcohol In Dubai

You can pick up bottles at MMI as well as African & Eastern outlets located all around the city. You can also pick them up at any of the Dubai Airports in the Duty Free. 

3. Important Points To Remember

1. Please note that to get a liquor license in Dubai, you need to be a non-Muslim over 21 years of age and earning a minimum of AED 3,000.

2. Only residents of Dubai can apply for the desired license. 

3. If you are in a home where a person has an alcohol license, it does not cover you. 

4. Legally, you need an alcohol licence while going to bars, restaurants and clubs that serve alcohol. 

5. You can be deported or face heavy fines if you don't have an alcohol license and are caught without one.