Metropolitan Muse

Metropolitan Muse

A stunning urban loft at Jumeirah Beach Residences is our featured property of the week.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Portfolio · Jan 26th, 2015

Custom, classy designed lofts that appeal to everyone are few and far between. This tastefully designed loft at Sadaf with its timeless design is perfect for any appreciator of understated elegance. With its cooling neutral tones and warm wooden works, it offers you the best in comfortable luxury living. As you enter the loft, you will feel like you have stepped into a property similar to those you would find in Manhattan. The fact that it is semi-furnished is like the idea of a half finished piece of art; a few more touches and it will be your own custom muse. 

Step into modern day metropolitan living.

 What sets this apartment apart from all the others you ask? Well, for starters, it's the location. Situated at the popular Jumeirah Beach Residence area, the apartment is accessible to the "The Walk" strip. A bouquet of top-notch bars, restaurants, occasional street art exhibits, photography displays and street markets that caters to all are available in this area. Additionally, it also offers close proximity to Marina Mall, which offers you a bouquet of high street fashion brands, top-end boutiques, al fresco waterfront dining, a supermarket as well as several entertainment options. 

A top selling point for us is the stunning views that this apartment offers of the Marina and the sea.

Another one of the many winning points with this apartment is that the current owner has left no stone unturned when it comes to stocking it up with quality furnishings. The floors are made of real American oak as opposed to a wood laminate to add to the apartment's solid assets. A hint of industrial design is also visible, giving the apartment an almost warehouse-y feel. The juxtaposition of this raw design element compliments the Italian finesse that has been incorporated throughout the apartment.

The kitchen is custom designed by the popular Ricci Milan of Italy.

Kudos to its intelligent interior design, this loft is full of functionality. Large windows and sheer wooden panels give this loft plenty of light. In addition to this, it hosts an elaborate bookcase to satiate your inner bibliophile, desk and drawers, a TV unit with a sliding door for your top DVD picks, and cupboards on either side of the window seats. The owner has even added an extra mezzanine floor that can host a guest bedroom, bringing the total built up area to 2,600 square feet. 

This loft caters to both bookworms and movie buffs

When you arrive at this apartment, you realize much attention has been garnered to both functionality and flair. Privacy has been added to the master bedroom with the addition of a wall. Storage will never be a problem, as there is a sizable storage area just off the kitchen and a storage cupboard on the left hand side of the downstairs bathroom.

Perfect for a quick shower or a luxurious bath, this bathroom tickles both fancies.

We can almost hear wine glasses clinking at this apartment in all of its sophisticated glory.