Open House: An Artful Abode at Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills villa

Rosie & Justine of Loved Designs & Jean of Obegi Home talk about the curation of an expansive Emirates Hills villa

Words by Aneesha Rai in Portfolio · Jun 3rd, 2022

In this edition of 'Open House', we talk to the founders of Loved Designs, Rosie Hussain & Justine Naviede, & Jean Melki of Obegi Home on their design collaboration and the process of fitting out, curating and furnishing an artful Emirates Hills villa for sale

Jean: Based on the client's feedback, the vision was to create a contemporary & modern home. The scope from Obegi Home was to entirely change the previous existing design, and to create a new luxurious identity for the home. Our design approach was to achieve a contemporary, modern, yet elegant home that exemplifies a luxurious lifestyle. We used materials such as marble , wood and bronze to introduce a rich feel into the interior environment. The furniture was carefully selected to align with the interior environment and practical from a living perspective. Some of the items have a retro and eclectic feel to add spice and character to the project.  Obegi Home created a new lifestyle layout with a unique story. The fun challenge we had was to turn the previous existing look to what is delivered without demolition; usually creating a new fresh design from a fresh canvas is always easier.

Rosie & Justine: From the moment we walked into the villa, we knew exactly the type of interior design this immense property deserved. The expansive high ceilings welcome a glorious exhale of being able to breathe freely as one takes in the incredible elevation and depths of the north and west wings. The client wanted to create an aesthetically striking, minimalist yet comfortable family home. The property was recently renovated, so we applied our interior design furnishings and finishes, adding a feminine touch to this stunning palatial home.

The subtle but beautifully crafted Italian chandelier from Flos sourced from Obegi Home hangs above the circular floral arrangement of the entrance table of this modern, elegant home. We worked with its positioning and style to add the furniture. We placed a glorious large marble circular table in-keeping with the silver grey travertine floor, with a thick luxurious round cream rug and floral display to deliver a stunning first, inviting internal impression of the home. In the left hallway, we added mirrors and matching marble consoles to give depth and reflect the light from the window lined area as well as ornaments which delivered character and personality. Our in-house artists created the fields of colour hand painted large canvas art which played with the colour palette from the existing art the owner had placed on the right of the main door. Furthermore we added internal and front door external plants with silver planters to frame doorways to deliver their fantastic green foliage and subliminal positive, relaxing mood enhancing triggers. The entrance is Justine's favourite part of this gorgeous home.

Emirates Hills
Emirates Hills villa LUXHABITAT

Jean: The project took 18 months to complete from start to finish, with Rosie & Justine in charge of interior design furnishing & finishing which took two months.

Rosie & Justine: Like many Emirates Hill properties, the huge amount of wall space perfectly lends itself to a gallery of large art work inspired by the Master artists Mark Rothko, Picasso and Pollock. All have been carefully selected from the colour palettes of the soft furnishings and to add vibrant energy with dramatic impact throughout the home. 

Luxurious soft furnishings and ornaments were placed in the formal lounge along with a large golden grid mirror nestled between the furthest windows to reflect light from the main entrance and draw your eyes through the enormous lounge. Again, fields of colour were provided by our artists to create spectacular jaw dropping art with large proportions inline with the double height door frames to add grandeur and awe. The art on the left of the formal lounge reflects the interior design of the connecting room pillars yet delivers a punch of bright colour. Internal large plants on either side of the room along with jade and amber Baccarat ornaments delivered life and vitality.

Whether it’s the high quality modern design of the Italian Poliform sofas and armchairs or the cosy cashmere Hermes throws - they have been designed for practical daily living yet deliver fabulous statements to wow guests. Cattelan and Rimadesio furniture, Henge lighting, and Nestos Greek marble flooring feature throughout the villa. No expense has been spared on the bespoke hand woven exquisite rugs laid in every room, even your feet sense the decadence and love with which this property has been created. All the silk handmade rugs we placed were carefully measured to fit their respective areas and sourced locally.

The conservatory was fully furnished in cream tranquil colours to allow an external pool aspect dining experience and also an informal seating area. 

Emirates Hills villa LUXHABITAT
Emirates Hills villa LUXHABITAT
Emirates Hills villa LUXHABITAT

Jean: For the offices, we've used a Remadesio silver grey sofa & a matching marble grey Cattelan coffee table sourced from Obegi Home. For the cinema, we sourced Poliform and Cattelan furniture.

Rosie & Justine: The male and female offices benefited from some colourful, opulent ornaments and sumptuous soft cashmere blankets and cushions.  

The master bedroom benefitted from the double silk rugs which drew palatial boundaries to its two areas. We placed magnificent matching cashmere blankets to the two chaise-longues, master TV lounge, and a few well placed ornaments. Our artists painted blue and green fields of colour in perfect harmony with the rest of the furnishings. We placed two stunning consoles to either side of the master entrance to elongate this area and added punches of colour to both with blue vases. The high thread count Egyptian cotton bedding and cashmere throws with matching cushions offer the pinnacle of luxury to this space. The walk-in wardrobe leads to a bespoke vanity mirror designed in-house. Some bronzed ornaments were provided in the double vanity shower area to match the existing fitout.

The first floor gallery area with its breathtaking wall lined in-house hand painted art, is for Rosie the most spectacular part of the home. This art mirrors the Seagram Murals, monumental in size and as a group they function, bringing subtle variation of colours and textures. A cream chaise longue and two rust coloured stools placed on a fabulous cream silk rug with flecks of colour to match and a pair of hexagon coffee tables are a perfect place to marvel at the gallery beyond. 

Emirates Hills villa master
Emirates Hills villa master bed
Emirates Hills villa gallery

Rosie & Justine: The kitchen is naturally fully equipped and upgraded with integrated Miele appliances and a built in coffee machine as well as floating Rimadesio shelves.

This breathtaking villa is smart and powered by Crestron, meaning the entry access, curtains and lights can be operated entirely from your phone whilst either in the property or even abroad.

The high quality finish extends throughout the property including the bathrooms and powder rooms which have been designed using Casa Mia providing a zen spa like ambience. Gessi Italian tiling, oak wood flooring and Illulion carpets also feature throughout the bathrooms.

Emirates Hills villa kitchen
Emirates Hills villa bathroom
Emirates Hills villa bath

Rosie & Justine: This has certainly been one of our favorite Emirate Hills interior design and art projects we have worked upon, many visitors have said it’s the most beautiful home they have ever seen.

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