Party Like A Rockstar

Party Like A Rockstar

Quirky and unique, this penthouse located at the Palm's Oceana Residences is the epitome of a dream bachelor pad.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Portfolio · Jan 19th, 2015

If you live a jet-setter lifestyle and love to entertain, this penthouse is perfect for you. Located right at the trunk of the Palm, it truly is one-of-a-kind, as it offers views like no other. This particular penthouse offers you a gape-worthy 180 degree view, starting with the Burj Al Arab (and the Burj Khalifa in the background) all the way to the heart of the Palm. The balcony is massive; it houses a gazebo, a jacuzzi, several pool chairs, an open bar with DJ booth, and even a dance floor with changing LED lights. This penthouse is one of the few exclusive ones at Oceana Residences, and probably its crowning glory as well. 

The penthouse offers a stunning view of the Dubai skyline, with views of the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa to the left and the Palm on the right.

The minute the door opens into the penthouse, you know you've stepped into party central. And a tasteful one at that. This penthouse is testament to the merging cultures of the world; it offers top designer pieces and precision to detail as a result of the combined effort by Design Group International from Dubai, UAE and Dimitrov Design Studio from Sofia, Bulgaria in 2012. The current owner claims to have spent a sizeable amount of dirhams into its interiors and art, and it shows. The entertainment area houses an ensuite kitchen and bar courtesy of Hacker Dubai, offering complimentary colors to the pristine white living room and its leather floating floor from LICO. The house is equipped with smart technology and a top quality Anthony Galo sound system indoors and outdoors as well, all important items on the checklist for hosting the top parties of the year. 

The intricate lighting in the living room was handcrafted by Stil Lux. Made of Murano glass, it is bound to enchant any house guest.

Had a long night? This penthouse has three bedrooms with their ensuite bathrooms adequate enough for you and your friends to crash in. With each room offering a personality and theme of its own, your house guests will never tire of exploring room by room. The eclectic touch and attention to details will keep anyone intrigued and occupied for a long time. The master bedroom with its champagne colors is designed in a soft, modern style; and is a testament to Western Europe as it hosts Italian furniture, Swiss leather flooring and Kolartz - Austria lighting enriched by Swarovski crystals. The other two bedrooms have Japanese and Arabic themes with materials from Italy and Belgium.

In short, this apartment offers you your own little piece of the globe. Who says you can't hold the whole world in your hands?