Project Highlight: The One at Palm Jumeirah

The ONE|Palm Jumeirah

Luxury Sales Specialist Brigitte Tenbergen explains why this the 'one' development on the Palm you should look out for.

Words by Aneesha Rai & Brigitte Tenbergen in Portfolio · Aug 24th, 2016

Known for being home to Dubai's most expensive apartment, The One seems to be a place to be. This project We sat with Brigitte Tenbergen, Luxury Sales Specialist to chat about the quickly rising project on the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah. 

Q. Where is the project located and due to be finished? 

BT: The project is due to be finished in mid 2018. As it is located on the Palm trunk at the entrance, it allows easy access in or out of the Palm Jumeirah. 

 Q. What would you say are its USPs? 

BT: What sets 'The One' apart is that all of the apartments have sea views. Offering the utmost in privacy, you will have only one neighbour at most. Of course, that's different if you're buying the penthouse. Besides this, Omniyat has partnered with New York-based SOMA Architects, design experts from Japan, Super Potato and Landscape Architect Vladimir Djurovic. The overall feel of the place is like a Japanese zen garden right from the entrance. 

It has several pools; an infinity pool overlooking the sea as well as a 'vitality' pool. The project is also going to host restaurants, a private spa, outdoor cinema, catering services, cigar lounge, jetty, hair salon, and a clubhouse. There's a lot of emphasis on privacy; there will be ample security as well as biometric identification for residents and guests. 

Besides this, the minimum space for an apartment here is 3,000 square feet for a 3 bedroom. That's massive. This area is also perfect for motorheads as they offer a minimum of 3 parking spaces with each apartment. 

Each apartment has a sea view.

Q. How expensive is the penthouse? 

 BT: The penthouse is currently selling at AED 181 million. It has a private pool and excellent fittings and fixtures. It has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and 12 parking spaces. 

Q. At this price range, who would you recommend this project to? End users or investors? 

BT: I believe end-users stand to gain most from this project, especially at this price point. It will work best for people who truly value their privacy. With only 90 units available, it's a piece of exclusivity. The contemporary style would appeal to almost anyone. Prices start at AED 14.8 million for a three bedroom apartment. I also think people who own and would love to own a large collection of cars will be very happy with this development, as along with the apartment you can get parking for a minimum three to a maximum of 12 parking spaces per unit. 

Q. When is this project due to be complete? 

BT: The project is due to be completed by mid 2018. The show apartment will be ready in February next year, however I can arrange a site visit if anyone would be interested. 

Q. Is there a payment plan? 

BT: Yes. The payment plan is as follows: 

a) 10% on deposit. 

b) 15% on signing the sales and purchase agreement. 

c) 20% during construction. 

d) 55% on completion.

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