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The best home improvements you can make

Photo by Annie Gray from Unsplash | Best home improvements you can make

Want to sell your home in the future? Make these improvements now.

Words by Kylee Della Volpe in Design & Architecture · Feb 20th, 2018

Everyone wants to sell their home at a profit, but it’s also important to enjoy it while you’re living there. These luxury home improvements will make your home more valuable and more comfortable to live in.

Smart Home System

It seems like everywhere you look there’s a new smart home product. From thermostats that learn your habits to internet-connected locks on your doors, we’re definitely living in the future. You can use that to your advantage by installing various smart gadgets throughout your home like: 

1. Built-in speakers throughout the home 

2. Home security system 

3. Smart thermostat 

4. Internet connected security cameras

Most of the upgraded luxury villas such as the ones in Emirates Hills by Luxhabitat come ready with these features.

Wine Cellar

For some people wine is more than a beverage, it’s an investment. Certain bottles can appreciate in value over the years, but only if they’re properly stored. A cool, dry wine cellar to keep wine safe and drinkable can add value to your home whether or not the future buyer is a wine investor. 

 Don’t have a space that makes sense for a wine cellar? You could also opt for a built-in wine fridge in your kitchen.


New flooring doesn’t just set the tone for a room, it can also help keep the home cool during the warmer months or warm during the cooler ones. This is another aspect of your home that might have gone out of style since you bought it. Do some research into what is popular in your market and go from there.

Gourmet Kitchen

The heart of every home is in the kitchen. Luxury upgrades that will help make the space more fun for everyone from the amateur gourmet chef to the person who can’t boil water.

Ovens And Cooktops

Induction cooktops and convection ovens can add a level of sophistication to the cooking experience.


There was a time when people wouldn’t think about buying a home that didn’t have granite countertops. As the years went on, other materials have become popular and you don’t want your home to get stuck looking outdated or off-trend. Do some research to see what countertop materials are popular in your area before you start on this renovation.


Now refrigerators aren’t just energy efficient. There are a million other great features different models have. You can choose some that are camouflaged to match your cabinets, others that have a clear front so you can keep your produce on display, and other that will even sync with your shopping list so you always know when you need more eggs or milk.

Bathroom Upgrades

Bathrooms aren’t usually the thing on people’s minds when they start making upgrades. But the bathroom can be a space of great tranquility with a few upgrades. Try recreating a spa experience with upgrades like: 

- Soaking tubs 

- Rain showers 

- Calming paint colors 

- New tile 

 If your main goal with your upgrades is to add value, be sure you talk to a real estate professional who is familiar with your area and homes like yours. They’ll be able to advise you on what types of upgrades are in high demand and what types aren’t likely to give you a return on your investments. Even if you won’t get a return, it might still be worth it for you and your family to enjoy! 

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