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The Latest in Home Cinema

The Latest in Home Cinema

Now that Netflix is available in Dubai, take your cinema experience home.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Design & Architecture · Mar 21st, 2016

Cinema has always been an obsession in the UAE. The pure success of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is testament to this. When you are not perusing the art film circuit and just want to enjoy a film at a luxury home, you need an unparalleled experience.

So first things first, where do you start? Let’s start with the kind of ambience you want to create, whether it is a massive cinema for 15 and more people or something a little more personal that accommodates your family. We find that most of our UHNW clients always opt for the bigger and better. Besides this, the seating should be luxuriant and plush to match your house, enabling you to sink in and truly enjoy everything in the comforts of your own home.

Sleek leather plush chairs just add to the experience. Let's not forget the popcorn too!

However, the most paramount is the basics, the type of video quality and screening as well as the audio system. You need to create a cinema experience that is better, if not replicated by the gold class offered by most cinemas in Dubai. And you need to do it in exemplary style .Which is where Platinum Vision comes in.

The brand offers everything from start to finish starting with the right family room cinema projection systems incorporating 5.1 surround sound, astounding your audience by a discrete in-ceiling drop down screen, as well as putting everything you desire in order to customise a dedicated home theatre room to enthrall you and your audience. The brand offers a range of services outside just your home entertainment systems; it is an industry leaser in creating the most subtle and discrete integrated technology with some innovative smart home systems. This involves full lighting control (very much akin to a cinema), multi-room music and more. Their showroom in Umm Suqueim offers a quintessential cinema experience firsthand.

Platinum Vision, Unit 1145, Dubai Investment Park; 04 88 59 568