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The Neighbourhood: Jumeirah

An old Dubai resident's favourite, here's what Jumeirah has to offer its residents

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Guides · Oct 9th, 2016

If you're looking for an area spilling with history, but still holds a modern feel to it, Jumeirah offers you a bit of both. Previously known as Chicago Beach, Jumeirah remains a favourite amongst expats and locals alike with its massive villas and charming townhouses. There are three main areas in Jumeirah, ranging from Jumeirah 1 to 3. Previously an extremely residential area, Jumeirah has now evolved over time. It's portfolio has now expanded to include a plethora of restaurants, cafes and several beachfront sporting activities. The Dubai Zoo also lies within the precinct of Jumeirah and is reportedly the oldest zoo in the peninsula. The area hosts the only mosque open to the public in Dubai called the Jumeirah mosque. 

City Walk

CITY WALK has emerged as a premier urban living destination in Dubai - by Meraas
CITY WALK has emerged as a premier urban living destination in Dubai - by Meraas

Developed and managed by Meraas, CITY WALK offers an urban lifestyle experience. The residential offering of CITY WALK will consist of 34 five and six storey low-rise architecturally appointed buildings, designed for those who seek the comfort of a unique urban community. The retail component within CITY WALK which is set to add over 200 new tenants will offer a reinforced fashion-focused experience and an interesting mélange of dining options. Strategically located at the junction of Al Wasl and Al Safa Street and flanked by the city’s original luxury residential communities, it houses a mix of global brands, some of them launched in the region for the first time. Set against the backdrop of Dubai’s sprawling skyline, CITY WALK will also house an urban premium hotel, will feature public facilities as well as a landmark contemporary mosque and provide ample underground parking space. Residents and tourists can enjoy the scenic outdoors where people come together to experience the pulse of the city or revel in the destination’s varied offerings.

Plenty of retail and dining options at CITY WALK.
Plenty of retail and dining options at CITY WALK.

Featuring a lively dynamic venue, the destination concept generously combines retail offerings from high-end beauty, jewellery and fashion concepts as well as home décor outlets. Big names in fashion step up the glamour quotient here. In addition to this, they just launched a new phase recently adding to their portfolio of retail and dining outlets. CITY WALK’s bestselling points are its chic outdoor ambience and family-friendly environment that allow visitors to meet and mingle no matter what the occasion. The development is fundamentally a community space where the community can simply ‘hang out’ and share fun experiences without the rigours of a hectic visit to a shopping mall. 

 A perfect destination for business meetings and coffee mornings, the concept blends street café culture with high-end dining, this bustling public promenade is the perfect destination to meet, socialise and network. The venue is a platform for regular events, art exhibitions and a range of entertainment - making it the ideal destination for fresh and dynamic experiences. Offering a choice of premium brands across the asset, visitors can soak in its versatile setting that factor in a range of lifestyle needs. CITY WALK also plays host to unique brands in the fitness and child care space, while relishing the breath-taking view of the Dubai skyline and exquisite restaurants with friends and family. The fashionable promenade will expand organically to keep pace with the city of Dubai.


The BOXPARK serves as a novelty in itself because of its part concrete, part container infrastructure.
The BOXPARK serves as a novelty in itself because of its part concrete, part container infrastructure.

Another emerging favourite is BOXPARK, which is inspired by functional design and urban renewal projects that combine the finest in modern architecture through the aesthetics of warehouse containers. BOXPARK is an urban lifestyle destination in Dubai offering a selection of unique retail experiences and quirky dining concepts from around the world in a dashing setting to appeal to the city’s eclectic community. 

For discerning residents, tourists, BOXPARK offers visitors a breathing space to shop at leisure. BOXPARK is a spatial experience that invites and engages visitors looking for something different. Offering unique retail and lifestyle options in Dubai and bringing new life into one of Dubai’s important high-street districts in Al Wasl and Jumeirah. The development features 44 and growing retail, restaurant, cafe, and entertainment brands, blending the best of local and international concepts appealing to the national and expatriate community in the UAE. 

Residents of Jumeirah never run out of things to do which is evident. Besides staying in both a historic and established community, this area is a testament to both new and old Dubai.

Jumeirah Bay

The area remains one of the most exclusive and coveted in Dubai, however, besides the advent of the new Jumeirah Bay Island, most of it remains available for rent and for sale to GCC nationals.

The prestigious Jumeirah Bay development is due for completion in 2018.

The new Jumeirah Bay master development is an island shaped in the form of a massive seahorse and spans over 6.3 million square feet. It offers a variety of accommodation and leisure options including low rise apartments, villas, a boutique resort, and a marina. The beach club will reportedly be a sought-after high-end venue for events. In addition to this, the marina will allow you to secure berths for yachts and enjoy sophisticated modern facilities. 

The island will be directly accessible via Jumeirah Beach Road once completed through a 300m bridge. The island will feature a seven star Bulgari Hotel which is due for completion in 2018. It will feature 100 rooms and suites in the main hotel buildings, alongside 20 hotel villas and a marina. The marine complex will cover an area of 1.7 million square feet. The residents of Jumeirah Bay Island (also known as Jumana Island) will enjoy breath-taking views of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline with the famous Burj Khalifa. A perfect location for the discerning, the island offers a luxury leisure lifestyle all year round, with each home-owner on the island having access to his own private beach. Over 127 plots are available for sale at this landmark island, with villas that have been embellished with a contemporary finish.

Kite Beach

Surf's up at Kite Beach
Kite Beach activities

Kite Beach is another new resident favourite, as it has now emerged as the perfect destination for watersports. From windsurfing to to kite surfing (now you know how the beach gets its name), it offers you various options to enjoy the rippling waters. Don’t miss the daily art dose by artist Nathaniel Alapide who weaves wonderful sand canvases. Kite Beach also hosts a soft running track that runs throughout the beach. There’s plenty of beachside volleyball and trampolines for both adults and kids alike to enjoy themselves. Besides this, they have various restaurants and dining options by the beach. Salt, a resident favourite food truck now has a permanent place on Kite Beach. Dig in to their delicious chicken Cheetos burgers, which are their specialty along with Lotus shakes. If you are looking for something more local, don’t miss the seafood at Bu Qtair, where you get the freshest fried fish without the trimmings. If you are looking for something more luxurious, the Burj Al Arab is not very far away. The world’s only seven star hotel offers you a plethora of dining options to choose from, out of which the Skyview Bar offers the most delightful views. If you want to be pampered, the Burj Al Arab also offers the Talise Spa, which is perched 150m above sea level.

Burj Al Arab

Kite surfing by the Burj Al Arab
Kite surfing by the Burj Al Arab

Jumeirah offers the perfect space for family living, especially with the access to the beach, shopping and restaurants. Previously, there used to be a Jumeirah Beach Park, but that has now given way to the Dubai Water Canal project. But there is no need to be deterred, as Jumeirah provides so much more. The Burj Al Arab, which is the world's only 7-star hotel lies as a beacon for the Jumeirah area located just adjacent to the Jumeirah Beach hotel. Besides the great beach activities the hotel offers close by, it is also home to Mahiki, a high-end Polynesian bar as well as Jamie's Italian restaurant by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Stunning sand art on the beach
Stunning sand art on the beach

The Jumeirah area is in no way lacking for its retail options. Amongst its malls, Mercato possesses an Italian finesse throughout its interiors. Besides this, the Village Mall is a Mediterranean-influenced mall, with fresh and spunky high-end fashion stores such as S*uce, Rampage and Oxbow street. Another charming option is the Galleria Mall on Al Wasl road which offers you a plethora of both retail and dining options. The most popular store here worth looking at and unique is Valley Dez. This expansive store hosts more than 35 designer labels, with the season’s most trendy ensembles on display.

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