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Luxhabitat: The top choice for senior brokers in Dubai

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1. A Great Team Of Experienced Brokers

LUXHABITAT agents have good relationships with a network of other experienced Dubai agents and this makes them reliable and trustworthy professionals in the luxury real estate market. The brokers at LUXHABITAT have an average of 6 + years’ experience in the luxury real estate market. They are highly respected and trusted by our clientele of HNWI’s. Our brokers have good relationships with Dubai’s top investors, buyers and sellers. This strong network enables the brokerage to identify new areas of growth, partnerships or new business angles. Working with a team of experienced brokers enables efficient cross selling increasing revenue and trust amongst brokers.

2. Market Positioning

LUXHABITAT’s market positioning means the company’s reputation as the top choice for luxury product and a name of a respected luxury brokerage in Dubai that has established relationships with world-class developers, investors and high net worth individuals. You will find unrivaled specialist knowledge from our brokerage team whether you are buying, selling, building or renting. Our reliability in providing comprehensive service is exceptional. Our clients choose to come back to us time and time again. This makes LUXHABITAT an exceptional place to carry on from where you left off as an experienced broker.

Our leading and award winning website has a leading positioning in the search engines, specially Google; attracting buyers, seller, ans investors from all across the globe and enabling a substantial amount of lead generation.

3. Lead Generation

LUXHABITAT takes pride on being the top lead generator and generating quality leads for our brokers. This helps to increase sales and provides support to the brokers. At the moment, we have an average of 60 leads monthly for brokers mostly coming from our well positioned website as well as property finder, Dubizzle and our captivating bi-weekly newsletter. Our interactive web design style enables our clientele to be kept up-to-date on the various developments in the market.

4. Excellent Marketing Team

The marketing team consists of highly experienced and hardworking marketing professionals in the industry that help LUXHABITAT with its brand recognition, increased sales, and help the company save costs. The experienced marketing team increase brand recognition by having LUXHABITAT’s brand name instantly recognizable in the luxury real estate market. To stay competitive in the luxury real estate market the company will have reach out to as many consumers as possible. The company’s marketing team also works to increase sales with many different promotional strategies that work to increase consumer traffic online. One such example is the company’s blog The Journal which updates consumers on the market, neighborhoods, design, architecture, company news etc. Having an in-house marketing team proves to be cost-effective than hiring a marketing agency to handle promotional activities.

5. Clientele Are High Net Worth Individuals (Hnwi)

The brokerage attracts an elite clientele consisting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). This comes with many benefits for our brokers, as real estate is a popular choice for investment. They view real estate as an asset and a source of income. Luxury real estate captivates a core part of an affluent individual’s identity as it involves lifestyle, investments, and family. With LUXHABITAT’s extensive portfolio that maintains its exclusive list of luxury client’s brokers can be sure to enjoy the loyalty and trust of their clientele.

6. Exceptional Customer Service And Administrative Support

The advantages of exceptional customer service for any company are improved business reputation. Having customers remark on how efficient their experience with customer service was and this word of mouth advertising also helps as an effective marketing tool for the company. The efficiency of customer service and administrative support provides repeat business. This allows for customers to keep wanting to come back to a business that communicates clearly and makes the customers feel appreciated.

There are also excellent benefits to having a top notch administrative team. It enables the company to coordinate activities and maintain organisational leadership. There is also better planning in organisations where they have stronger administrative support this helps them manage planning for long term and short-term goals. Strong and properly managed administrative tasks allow for evaluation and high-quality performance and results that are satisfactory while making sure that a problem free workplace is maintained.

7. Outstanding Relationship With Dubai's Most Iconic Projects And Developers

LUXHABITAT maintains good relationships with some of the most prestigious developers in the region. LUXHABITAT is proud to be one of the most successful real estate brokerage in Dubai. Our extensive network and focused market knowledge will put our client's property before the right buyers which ensures a successful timely sale. Some of the developers that LUXHABITAT maintains good relationships with prominent developers such as EMAAR, Meraas, Al Barari, Xtreme Vision, Meydan etc.