3 Lofts with a Personality

There's something about lofts. Cool and cosmopolitan, it is a concept that is relatively new to Dubai, but ever so popular amongst working professionals namely because of its open-plan living and remarkable views. Serving as a swanky pad for many and possibly seeing the massive demand for the same, many off-plan projects such as Al Habtoor City are catering to this 'New York' lifestyle. Currently, most of the lofts in the city lie in Jumeirah Beach Residence or Executive Towers in Business Bay. 

We picked three of our favourite lofts which have their own personalities. Which one suits you the best?

1) The Bachelor

Baring a beautiful set-up and warm touches, this loft in Sadaf reeks of comfort and style. It's one of our newest loft listings and has everything custom-made, which means that there is no other loft quite like it. The floors are made of real American oak as opposed to a wood laminate which gives the whole apartment an almost mercurial feel. It even comes with it's own pool table.

2) The Creative

This gorgeous loft brings the outdoors in with its floor to ceiling windows. The result? Views of the Dubai Marina offer inspiration at every turn. The overall feeling makes you feel right at home. Cosy yet cosmopolitan, this apartment will be delivered shell and core, so it's perfect for the creatives to add their personality and derive information. With a bit of personalisation and finesse on your end, you might be able to see an apartment that truly suits your personality.

3) The Yogi

This loft is pristine and perfect for purists. It has been designed by an interior design team in New York and has its very own zen room. Besides this, tasteful art surrounds your room. Listen to soothing meditative beats on your state of the art sound system. It's perfect for those that enjoy bright spaces in a tranquil setting.

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