Top 5 apartments in Downtown Dubai in 2018

The 118 living area

Here are the best of the best apartments in the centre of now from our portfolio

Words by Aneesha Rai in Portfolio · Aug 5th, 2018

Having a property in Downtown Dubai can be highly regarded as prestige property when you look at Dubai's various communities. Here are the best apartments in the city for you to grab.

1. Bespoke 2 Bedroom In The Burj Khalifa

Everything in this apartment, from the gorgeous white piano to the  lovely tan flooring is covetable. At AED 5.9 million, it's worth the price, considering that it's located in the world's tallest tower

2. Contemporary Penthouse In The 118

Located just a stone's throw away from Dubai mall, The 118 is the latest development in the area. It's really unique as it has only penthouses and private elevators. Furnishing comes in two styles - classical and contemporary. 

3. Pristine White Penthouse In Old Town

The name may be 'Old Town', but it's not old at all! This development carries a more traditional take on architecture than its other Downtown neighbours. This lovely white penthouse serves as a complete contrast to its exterior. Flattering, at every turn. 

4. Nature Inspired Home

Also located in Old Town, this particular apartment is highly influenced by nature and carries a warm lodge-like feel to it. Lots of wooden and bamboo furniture pervade the space. It's also one of the few units that actually have a garden attached to the unit, a complete rarity in the Downtown area. If you're looking for a prime piece of property, this is one.

5. Upgraded Hotel Apartment In The Address Dubai Mall

It could also make sense to snap up this property in The Address Dubai Mall's residences. Not only will you not have to worry about the details as it's very well-maintained - it may be worth noting that the hotel itself is due to open later this year after a much needed facelift. The apartment in itself has been renovated, so it does bear a bit of difference compared to the other units. You might even want to consider renting out this property, which has excellent direct access to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa metro station.