Top 5 luxury lofts

Top 5 luxury lofts

Wide open spaces,floor to ceiling views and beautiful wooden flooring make these lofts luxury personified.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Portfolio · May 21st, 2015

Beautiful lofts in Dubai are few and far between. Take a look at our five most stunning lofts for sale:

1) Sadaf, Jumeirah Beach Residences

A venue for our "Metropolitan Muse" event next week, this lovely wooden loft is classy and composed and ranks first in our list. There's little not to love about this loft that reveals an art gallery feel, with its stunning views of the Marina, wide open spaces and American oak. A loft like this wouldn't go amiss in New York, but you can have it at a comparative bargain for AED 4.5 million.

2) Murjan, Jumeirah Beach Residences

White and bright, this immaculate beachside loft is stylish and chic. Imbibing the owner with a zen feeling, it provides a peaceful retreat to the hustle and bustle of the Jumeirah Beach Residences area.

3) Sadaf, Jumeirah Beach Residences

Bathing all the rooms in natural light, this is one of our bigger lofts hosting 4 bedrooms.This versatile loft comes with minimal furnishings, so new owners have the wonderful opportunity to make it their own and infuse their own style.

4) Rimal, Jumeirah Beach Residences

Imagine waking up to a panoramic vista at this Rimal loft. Featuring white marble on the floors in the whole apartment, Swarovski stones in the stairs, the door handles and the shower let this apartment sparkle like its out of a fairytale.

5) Murjan, Jumeirah Beach Residences

Perfect for the reclusive bachelor or couple, this loft promotes modern day living in the heart of the city. Possessing excellent finishing, this apartment provides a conclave to enjoy Dubai at its best.