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Top tips for buying seafront property

Ocean Mist villa

Dubai is all about the sun and the sand. Having a swanky villa to match is a definite bonus. 

But let's face it, if you're putting a significant amount of capital...then you should keep an eye for the right property. Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah are two of the main areas that offer a beach front lifestyle. Jumeirah Bay is an area that's in the works that are up and coming on the beachfront. 

However,if you prefer a finished product rather than buying off-plan -  both Anne Ogilvie and Sam El Obeid provide their tips for purchasing the right seafront properties with the optimum location and price.

Palm Jumeirah

1) Villas that have free flowing water all year round

If you are a fan of the rippling ocean, then it must be noted that some fronds have better, continuously flowing water, says Ogilvie. "C and E fronds have better free flowing water in addition to K,L and M due the bridge." she informs.

2) The Views

Are you a sunrise or a sunset person? Choosing your villa might just depend on that. "The odd number villas receive more of the morning light, so that's the best place you can catch the sunrise. The even number villas get better afternoon and sunset views as well as more breeze."

3) Service charges

"Nakheel is very good at maintaining the beaches regularly. Their service charges are some amongst the lowest." says Ogilvie. Plus, it also helps that only the community residents can access these beaches, so it remains mostly private.

Nakheel offers some of the most affordable service charges for its properties.

4) How to get the best value out of your property

Buy on the highest number villas and plots. For investment purposes, Ogilvie goes back to the adage of location, location location. 

5) Insuring your home

Paying an insurance premium for your home on the Palm is also low.


Sam El-Obeid offers his advice for our GCC investors.

1) High demand, low supply 

Jumeirah waterfront, i.e. Properties located within a walking distance to the Umm Suqeim public beach, or Kite beach are very high in demand, with extremely limited supply. So buyers first have to be aware that the price per sqft in that location will be higher in comparison to properties located further back from the beach. 

2) Classic style villas in Jumeirah, contemporary in Umm Suqueim

Like classic style villas? Jumeirah may be your haven. "Jumeirah is one of the earliest established areas in Dubai, so when it comes to sea front properties, there are some locations that have older style bungalow villas." says El Obeid. This in itself is like buying a piece of Dubai history, and has its demand, this will be in locations such as the area facing the Kite beach. 

However, if a client is looking for an area which is surrounded by newer, and larger villas, than Umm Suqueim 1 and 2, and the areas near Jumeirah Beach Park are the best. 

3) Thinking of expanding your property?

"Buyers need to focus on properties that have already obtained larger built up area permissions, because the plots directly in front of the sea are smaller in comparison to the rest of Jumeirah, varying between 5,600 to 7,000 on average." says El Obeid. 

However, this doesn't deter buyers as built up permissions can be extended to 6000 sqft or more. 

Plots in front of the sea are typically smaller in Jumeirah.

4) Kite beach is the new hotspot

For families, the Kite Beach is the perfect haven, with a new play park for kids the whole family can enjoy a beautiful day on the beach, relaxing or trying your hand at flying kites. Umm Suqueim, Al Safa, Umm Al Sheif and Al Manara all offer direct access to Kite Beach, so you might want to consider buying in those areas as well.

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