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Selling homes, not houses

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Why we're changing the narrative for how we sell properties.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Company News · Oct 11th, 2020

The number of times we've heard people cringe when they heard the word 'real estate agent' is noteworthy. Add that to the term 'luxury property' or 'latest development', and you're bound to see some rolling eyes accompanied with it. With over a decade of working in the real estate marketing space, we've come to realize that people are tired of the endless sales pitches of the same developments, the same fittings and fixtures, the same shell-and-core homes, and identical homes along the same row in the latest luxury development in Dubai. Over time, we've come to the conclusion that marketing mirror-image homes with no personality or story is not only mundane, but impersonal. 

Using the downtime during the initial months of the Covid-19 outbreak had brought to us, we had to rethink the way we were doing things. About a decade ago, there was no real estate agency that focused on high-end properties in Dubai. This is no longer the case, we're sure you will find plenty if you just do a Google search. While we remain the market leader for the same, we wanted to bring a more personal approach to the homes we sell and still set us apart from our competitors. 

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We did observe a significant change in the market sentiment, aided by price adjustments across various areas in rentals and sales. People were no longer looking at Dubai as a temporary home and the secondary residential property market was back in business as opposed to the off-plan market. With the residential market maturing for some time now, we're beginning to see more personality and design credit in the homes that we live in. Expats were slowly (finally) turning to residents. Communities were evolving, the divide between home and traditional work had begun to blur, and work- life balance subsequently unsettled; making the concept of home no longer a by-stander, but a protagonist in everyone's lives. 

Based on our enquiries from March till now, many were instead looking to upgrade their standards of living. We had people looking for homes with more space, more light, workspaces, gardens, and private pools. More time spent at home meant looking for a house with more functionality and personality that caters to day-to-day needs. Many took the plunge and hired interior designers and architects to help build the home of their dreams. 

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Keeping all of this in mind, we wanted to document this change and simultaneously change the narrative with the sentiment, which is why our Journal is now evolving. Something with a little more heart and soul. The first step is a new category of articles called 'Open House', where we interview a series of home owners, designers & architects on homes for sale. We believe that now people want to buy a home that has character and design merit -and these attributes are best exhibited by someone living in the home or someone involved in the design process. And we wanted to capture the thought process, passion and emotion that went into the home, not just brick and mortar. Read our first article here

We have some very exciting content coming your way. Watch this space. Until then, if you identify with what we do and want to sell your home, contact us here.