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About the area

Culture village is a multi-purpose development project, located along the shoreline of the Dubai creek on a large 40 million square foot plot of land. When completed the village will include a harbour, cultural and exhibition centres, and dockside development. The development will add a new dimension and vibrancy to the creek district of Dubai. The centre piece of this project is Palazzo hotel, which also has a sister property is Queensland, Australia. The Culture village development has been developed with key Islamic and Arabian architectural influences. The main theme is to encompass the theme of Arabian aura, within the heart of vibrant Dubai, and open up an exclusive multi - purpose development, that´s a first in the region. Since world over, glass and steel structures tend to dominate; Culture village breaks the norm, by dwelling into the realm of eternal art and design influences. The development promises to be a major attraction for tourists and investment.

Existing properties

Properties for sale in Culture Village