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Americans prefer Dubai over London

Americans prefer Dubai over London

Research by Aetna reveals that Americans pick Dubai over London for jobs.

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Market · Aug 19th, 2015

Dubai has reportedly emerged as a destination for Americans according to a story by Gulf News. The city has emerged as the most search location since January 2013. London has now dipped to second on the list, followed by Paris. As of 2013, there were 7.8 million expatriates working in the UAE, which comprises about 80% of the country’s population, according to published reports. Americans have a population share of approximately 40,000 in the UAE and the number is expected to increase. Financial Times reported that the trend of US residents choosing to move abroad has consistently risen since 2008, with the number reaching a record 3,415 in 2014.

With the steady increase in interest of American expats, Dubai emerges as a favourable destination to work especially because English is widely spoken, an international lifestyle, apt geographical location, employment opportunities and great infrastructure. It appears that more Americans are choosing to move abroad in order to avoid the cost of complying with the US tax and banking regulations. During the first three months of the year, a total of 1,335 Americans denounced their citizenship, according to data from US Treasury Department, as reported by Gulf News.

Serviced apartment at Bonnington Tower

Americans also benefit by visiting Dubai; they do not require a visa to visit the country for less than 30 days. Some of the preferred communities for Americans to live include Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah. Serviced apartments are also popular.