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An unparalleled First Class

Emirates First Class cabin

In November 2017, Emirates Released Their Brand New First Class Suite at the Dubai Air Show

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · Apr 23rd, 2019

Flying first class on Emirates has always been a great experience, but the airline has taken it to the next level with their brand new suites. Here, the suites are designed to the closest you can get to a five star hotel. Built from floor to ceiling, it allows you complete privacy, making it a proper ‘suite-style’ cabin. With the original number of suites being reduced to 6 from 8, the suite is also much bigger than its predecessor - making it 40 square feet of personal space arranged apart from each other. Within the suite, your recliner is lined with Mercedes branded leather. 

You also have complete control of the temperature within your cabin. Emirates has also removed the windows and replaced them with virtual reality windows instead. For your entertainment, Emirates has included the ICE entertainment system complete with a 32 inch LCD TV. Relax and unwind as you place a call for meals through the video calling systems or your phone. There’s an extensive menu available for you as well as your very own stocked minibar.

The comfort doesn’t just end here. You will also be treated to Hydroactive pyjamas, Bulgari hygiene kits as well as skin care items by Byredo.