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Banyan Tree Residences - A design perspective

Banyan Tree Residences

Have a look at Dubai's first vertical urban luxury resort homes in terms of interior design.

Words by Ankita Bhowmick in Design & Architecture · Aug 13th, 2018

The eco-friendly and modern community of Banyan Tree Residences in the Hillside community of Dubai offers its residents with breathtaking views and unmatched comfort. The modern and eco-friendly residential community is located in a prime location of the city but still features distinctive holistic value. 

The exquisite project reflects a refined living experience at its best.  

Banyan Tree Residences

The creator of this prestigious project, Sneha Divias Atelier, has created a balance through her designs in order to make it stand out from the rest of the similar communities in Dubai. She has designed a vivid contrast, harmonizing with flora and fauna, lying beyond the building in the form of lush gardens and the stunning golf courses. Banyan Tree Residences is designed in a way to represent an equilibrium between modern living and connection to nature. 

With an aim to create an environment that is clean that is clean yet warm and comfortable, existing neutral and modern architecture has been used as a base. This helps it to reflect the creator's love for a comprehensive style of living which also caters to one's modern day needs. 

Banyan Tree Residences

The property has been designed to create a space that complements the architectural lines that are DNA of each apartment. Layers have been introduced that gives the space homely a warmth that is familiar on one hand and unique on the other. Styling has been done with the addition of furniture and soft elements.

The colour palette of the home is neutral with shades of beige and grey along with vibrant hints of green and blue in order to radiate the natural elements of the Banyan Tree community. A meticulous selection process was incorporated while choosing the accessories, furniture and lighting that adorn the interior of the Show Apartment and Sales Centre of this gorgeous property. 

It also has on offer high-quality brands and key players in the design industry that include Flexform, Bocci, Elitis, Meridianii and The Rug Company and the pieces are procured from local retailers like Obegi Home, Nakkash Gallery, White Moss, The Bowery Company, The Odd Piece and Caspaiaiou.

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