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3 Benefits of Listing with a Single Real estate agent

3 Benefits of Listing with a Single Real estate agent

Here are three reasons why you should be listing exclusively.

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Guides · Dec 14th, 2016

While you may think listing with multiple agents enable your property to be sold faster, that might not always be the case. Luxhabitat spells out why signing an exclusive agreement with a real estate agency might work in your favour:

1) Accountability

If you list with one agent, he/she will be forced to be accountable to you

If you expect to give your property as exclusive to an agent, expect them to be accountable about your listing. Listing it with one agent is one of the first steps forward in the fact that you trust the agent enough to sell your property at the right price. We believe creating an amiable relationship with the agent in order for them to cater to your needs accurately and so that they understand your goals precisely. The agent will be obliged to check back with you often on your listing and will be able to lay out a strategy to market your property aside from creating a good, professional and personal relationship. Among the many marketing options that Luxhabitat offers its clients include: creating a video for your property, taking professional photos, and marketing to the right channels that fit the parameters of the property. 

At the outset of your understanding of the agent, you will be able to give the agent a chance to sell your property within an assigned period of time, through which they are aware they have a deadline to market and sell your property. Discuss the time of exclusivity with your agent and make sure you sign the Form A as outlined by RERA, along with providing the property information, property title deed and your passport copy. It is important to understand that there are certain expectations you need to manage with your agent.

2) Easier Manageability

The types of property you own matters and each agency manages their portfolios differently.

One of the factors to keep in mind while listing multiple properties is that quite like your portfolio manager, most professional real estate companies provide property management services. You might argue that it's an anomaly to place your properties with one real estate agency that you know and trust as well as provides property management services instead of putting your eggs in different baskets which are difficult to keep track of. It must be noted however, that the nature of the properties you have also deserve consideration before listing with one agent - is it off-plan, a luxury villa or some bulk mid-range apartments? If it's a combination, can the real estate brokerage manage all of these? Other questions would include your financial goals and see whether your agent and you are on the same page. Discuss whether you would want to sell long-term or rent this property short-term. It would be important for you to do the necessary research to find the firms that deal in the similar type of property in various areas. 

3) Expertise

Connect with an agent that understands both you and the market

If you have a property that you want to sell in a particular area, such as Emirates Hills then making sure you go with an agent that knows the area well. An agent who specialises in an area that you have your property most probably tracks the market well; he/she will be able to get the market information report from the land department and will help you look at the price points as well as the knowledge of how the particular area is performing in a market.

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