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Dubai Supermarkets Guide

Dubai Supermarkets Guide

Your one-stop guide to supermarkets in Dubai

Words by Ankita Bhowmick in The Guides · Feb 10th, 2019

Dubai hosts an array of supermarkets that cater to the needs of residents from all walks of life. They offer a huge range of products from all over the world. Let's have a look at the popular supermarkets and also some of the best gourmet grocers that the city has on offer.


1. Carrefour

One of the largest hypermarket and supermarket chains in the world, Carrefour's first store in the city was hosted by Deira City Centre in 1995. It currently operates as many as 28 hypermarkets and 43 supermarkets in the country. 

Carrefour aims at meeting the growing needs of its diversified customer base and offers a wide range of quality products that feature value for money. It also offers a choice of more than 100,000 food and non-food products as well as thousands of household goods.

2. Lulu

Owned by Indian businessman M.A. Yusuff Ali, Lulu Group International opened its first store in Dubai in the year 2000. It is one of the biggest retail groups that operate in Dubai and features supermarkets and hypermarkets across the city.

Lulu offers a wide range of grocery items that belong to its brand and also that of international ones. The products on offer are known to be priced reasonably and are affordable for the middle-class section of the society.

3. Spinneys

Spinneys was established by Arthur Rawdon Spinney, a British army officer stationed in Alexandria, Egypt. It opened its door for the first time in Dubai in 1962 in Al Nasr Square. The retailer was then known locally as ‘The Frozen Chicken’ as it was the only supermarket in Dubai to offer frozen chicken from a chiller van.

Spinneys Dubai is currently owned by Ali Albwardy and offers a high level of customer service. It features top quality produce, keeping in mind safety and freshness.

4. Waitrose

Having branches in The Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall, Waitrose Supermarket are known to be dedicated to freshness, offering an array of high-quality grocery items, fruits, vegetables, bakeries and butcheries. The retailer also has ob offer a range of fresh hot and cold foods. 

The market-style fruit and vegetable area that Waitrose hosts comes with a wide selection of everyday, exotic and rare fruits and vegetables. 

Gourmet Grocers

1. Prime Gourmet

With stores on Sheikh Zayed Road and in Jumeirah, Prime Gourmet is an independent grocer that offer high-quality beef and lamb sausages, poultry, veal and a selection of prime beef steaks. They also feature a range of hard-to-find groceries such as Ferron Italian risotto rice and Fattorie Giacobazzi aged Italian balsamic vinegar.

Location: Gold & Diamond Park, Sheik Zayed Road; Spring Village Souq, The Springs; Town Center, Jumeirah

Call: 04-341 5445; 04-425 2734; 04-339 9469

2. milk & honey gourmet

The premium grocer of Milk & Honey was first established in Dubai in 2009 on Palm Jumeirah, while the second one opened its door in 2012 in Emirates Hills. The third outlet of the retailer is again located on Palm Jumeirah.

The retailer has on offer a selection of ice cream and gelato, that includes the one made of goat's milk. It also features exclusive products such as biodynamic yoghurt, organic coffee from Australia’s Byron Bay, lavender flower honey, grapple -  an apple with the flavour of grapes. A paradise for cheese lovers, Milk & Honey also come with a dedicated room of Provençal cheeses.

Location: Meadows Town Centre, Emirates Hills; Shoreline Building 10, Palm Jumeirah; Palm Views West, Palm Jumeirah

Call: 04 435 6363; 04-432 8686; 04-557 6133

3. Jones The Grocer

Jones is an Australian gourmet grocer featuring high-quality Australian and Kiwi products. The retailer is also known for its high-quality cheese, selection of teas such as ‘Darjeeling First Flush Makaibari’, peppermint rooibos and white peach blossom.

Location: Dusit Thani, Emirates Golf Club, Al Manara, Mirdif

Call: 04-317 4457; 04-417 9999; 04-346 6886; 04-284 0896

4. bake & spice

Opened in Dubai in 2008, Baker & Spice is an award-winning food shop and restaurant. The retailer is known to focus on artisan food that is local, organic, fresh and homemade. The vegetables on offer are sourced from local organic farms. 

Location: Gold & Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road; Town Centre, Jumeirah

Call: 04-887 7086; 04-297 8797

5. The Farm

Located in the upscale villa community of Al Barari, The Farm is one of Dubai's popular breakfast and lunch spots. It also features a range of organic groceries and niche items from its retail area. 

The items on offer include imported sparkling water, ready-to-drink flavoured organic iced teas, organic rice milk, freshly baked items like sweet almond croissants and crusty baguette, pure bottled organic pressed juices, amongst others.

Location: Al Barari

Call: 04-392 5660