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In the studio: Abeer Al Ameri

Abeer Al Amiri Salud Design

The Emirati Founder & CEO of Salud Design talks about her design process & her influences

Words by Aneesha Rai in Design & Architecture · Feb 17th, 2023

Down to earth and brimming with warmth, Abeer Al Ameri's passion for art and interior design and her profound interest in luxurious interiors of European palaces and the timeless elegance of the Victorian Era, gave rise to her dream business venture, Salud Design. She aims to redefine the state of luxury and interior decor in the region by offering their clients an opulent and signature chic ambiance in the comfort of their homes. In this edition of 'In the studio', Abeer talks about her design process and love for classical decor.

Q: Tell us about your design process.

Abeer: I believe everything starts with "The Story" and by that I mean, when meeting with a client we have a cluster of questions that contrive a story explaining what the client wishes for. Sometimes, clients can be very specific and other times they leave the choice completely up to me and this is always preferable for any designer.  The room's space and light will first define the type of decor that would work best. Next, the main color for the theme is chosen, followed by complementary hues, textiles, patterns, and finally lighting.

Q: Who are your key influences/ inspirations in the design world?

Abeer: I would have to say Lady Dorothy May Kinnicutt, who was one of the female pioneers in interior glamour décor back in the 1920s and is also known as Sister Parish in the decor world. Additionally, I'm also a fan of one of the top interior designers in the world right now - Timothy Corrigan. His magnificent creations speak for themselves in terms of the amount of opulence and royalty they represent.


Q: Tell us more about your house style - why choose Victorian as a design influence?

Abeer: I wouldn't exactly say that I chose it specifically, classic decor is part of my style and who I am and in many ways represents my way of thinking and my life choices. Like classic decor, I am very traditional in my beliefs and life choices and always tend to clasp onto history in every way. I strongly believe everything with great history will have a marvelous future.

Q: We would love to hear about your favourite antique galleries locally & abroad. Can you name some of your favourite sourcing markets?

Abeer: To be quite transparent, locally we have struggled in locating galleries that possess truly vintage furniture with documents of support so we tend to acquire most of the pieces from Christie's Auction House. Globally, we have a longer list of galleries, and there are many locations on it, including Paris, Miami, Damascus, Istanbul, Cairo, and Austria.

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Q: Tell us about your favourite local design spots 

Abeer: Dubai Design District (D3), is definitely my top choice, as i truly see it as the ultimate nexus for designers and art galleries. D3 is constantly working to be the first to showcase the latest trends and shows in the design and fashion industry. Thus, this was also a factor that contributed to me establishing Salud Design HQ at Dubai Design District. 

My second favorite would be Souk Madinat Jumeirah, while it may not be a design destination, it was undoubtedly created to represent our traditional markets with all of its vibrant colors and variety of vendors. 

Souk Al Arsah, located in Sharjah, would take third place. The souk is a bustling marketplace in Sharjah that has been well-maintained and recently renovated. It houses vintage and antique goods perhaps since the UAE's founding.

Editor's note: Office images are courtesy of Salud Design