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In the studio: Sans Souci Lighting

Sans Souci Lighting

We interview the expert Czech lighting designers on creating artful masterpieces.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Design & Architecture · Nov 4th, 2021

This week, we have a conversation on the art of lighting with Jiri Krišica, Head of Design at bespoke Czech lighting designers, Sans Souci Lighting. Sans Souci are now in the UAE and are quickly gaining recognition for their unique bespoke lighting and architectural art installations. Highlights of their projects include launching a chandelier in the Burj Arab for the new visitors area and some signature residential projects including the Bulgari Residences.

Q: Tell us more about your design process

Jiri: At Sans Souci each project is tailor-made. Bespoke projects could be designed and delivered from a blank piece of paper. It depends on the need of our customer as which direction we go in. We receive a brief from our sales team and we all work on it together with the project managers and production team. 

The design process starts with drawings and sketches through 3D modeling; usually in Rhinoceros software. We create visualizations and prepare ideas which we then discuss with the customer. It is a creative process and sometimes we go with an initial idea, another time we re-do the design to achieve the result which fits customer taste. 

Our design team also work closely with production, helping bring the projects to life.

A project by Sans Souci in Jumeirah Islands
Sans Souci
Sans Souci3
Sans Souci
Sans Souci Palm Jumeirah
Sans Souci Palm Jumeirah Villa

Q: What are some of the lighting trends you've observed in Dubai homes?

Jiri: In Dubai we see that customers are looking for the “wow effect”, something unique with an essence of luxury. It is all about making the best impression. In terms of trends we see that warm colours and tones are much more popular than in other countries. Also, gold is a timeless colour in this region. This works well for us as our nano-coating technology is a big advantage when looking to perfect a gold surface.

Q: What are some of the common mistakes people make while choosing lighting for their homes?

Jiri: I would not say that people make mistakes. It is all about understanding the space where the lighting will be placed and also the materials. Sometimes there is demand for certain design using different materials, (rather than glass), however, it is important to understand that the effect will be completely different. The same goes for the space, our aim is to ensure that space creates and compliments a beautiful ambience. In order to do that we need to respect it. Adjust to its size and overall design and sometimes it can be hard to visualize this.

Q: What are some of your design inspirations?

Jiri: Inspiration is everywhere. In nature, architecture around us and even in small things that we run into during day-to-day life. You just think about how it would act if we transform into piece of glass. Personally, I enjoy organic design a lot. It is interesting to create it from glass, which is solid material, however, it can create sophisticated dynamic effects. This works in small as well as in large clusters.

All photos courtesy Sans Souci Lighting.