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Moving to a new house in Dubai: Everything you need to do

Moving to a new house in Dubai: Everything you need to do

Your quick guide to relocation in Dubai

Words by Ankita Bhowmick in The Guides · Nov 15th, 2018

Moving from their existing homes to new ones can be the beginning of new phases in many people's lives. At times they tend to upgrade their homes to bigger ones and at other times they choose to move to a better community. They also migrate to a different city or a country altogether. 

While moving to new homes can be quite exciting, it can also get quite challenging and daunting, given the fact that a lot has to be kept in mind in order to make the entire process seamless and troublefree. All the steps involving must be well-thought of and categorised beforehand. 

Let's have a look at the quick checklist that will help you avoid hassles during your shifting process in Dubai.

1. Inform Your Current Landlord That You Are Moving Out

Moving to a new house in Dubai: Everything you need to do

The first thing that you should do before planning to move out is to give a notice to your landlord. 

As per the law, in Dubai, a landlord must be provided with a notice atleast 90 days prior to to the end of the tenancy contract that the tenant will no longer renew it and will move out. 

There are some buildings that require the tenants who want to move in or out to acquire moving permits. Therefore making sure that all the required formalities are met with will help you avoid unnecessary hassle at a later date.

2. Switch Utility Services

Moving to a new house in Dubai: Everything you need to do

One of the most important steps that you must keep in mind while changing homes is the switching of your utility services. Get in touch with your current utility providers atleast one week in advance and inform them about your relocation. 

You will need to schedule with the telephone service provider for a connection at your new place. Also, do not forget to update your utility providers (Dewa, ADWEA or Sewa) with your new address so as to enjoy uninterrupted service. 

3. Get Your Security Deposit Back

Moving to a new house in Dubai: Everything you need to do

Once you have moved out of your old place, make sure to get in touch with the respective landlord and get back the security deposit that you had given them while moving in.

Remember that the landlord should make no reduction from the deposit as long as you return the home in its original condition.

4. Get Rid Of The Unwanted Stuff From Your Old Home

People tend to accumulate a good amount of junk in their homes in the form of unused items that they have not used for long and probably won't use ever but are reluctant to discard them under the presumption that they might come to use at some point in time. 

Before changing homes, the first thing that you should do is to identify those unused items and set them aside as carrying them to the new home will only add to your transportation charges.

If things are in good condition and throwing them away doesn't look like the best option, you can either choose to sell them off or give away to your friends. You might as well consider donating them to those in need.

5. Hire A Mover

Moving to a new house in Dubai: Everything you need to do

The entire process of relocating homes is quite complex as it involves a range of steps that include packing, transportation, unpacking and arranging in the new home. The best way to ease down the steps is by hiring an efficient moving and packing company. 

As Dubai residents follow the trend of shifting homes quite often, that has led to the supply of a good number of moving and packing companies around. Hire from the best ones that the market has on offer and have your relocation process as seamless as you had always wanted.