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Mr. Grey Will See You Now

Mr. Grey Will See You Now

Ever wondered where the elusive billionaire would live if he was based in Dubai?

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · Feb 18th, 2015

Providing a heart-racing read to say the least, the 50 shades of Grey trilogy by E. L. James has sold over a 100 million copies worldwide. Besides venturing into the grey lustful world of Christian Grey, the author also delves deep into details of his high-flying lifestyle. Though the movie will not be showcased in the UAE, we couldn't resist sharing with you our visions of the high-flying billionaire's penthouse paradise: 

We imagine the mirrored elevator that Christian takes the protagonist Anastasia Steele when she first visits his apartment could be likened to the Index Tower.  Although it misses a helipad for his beloved Charlie Tango, we think its location in the heart of the financial district, sleek lines and sustainable architecture would definitely appeal to our rule-loving, mercurial Christian.

The image that the author draws on Christian's lifestyle reeks of minimalist, luxury contemporary design. The penthouse is staged in black and white, with tasteful, ultra-luxe interiors and formidable pieces of art. As Anastasia (also known as Ana) enters the floor, she encounters an all-white foyer buzzing with paintings before she enters through double doors to a palatial living room with double height windows with vistas of Seattle. (Or Downtown Dubai in this case.)

This slinky grey foyer at Le Reve serves as introduction to Christian's home.
The floor-to-ceiling windows at this stylish loft is similar to the vision of Christian's living room.
What Ana describes as the 'imposing' U-shaped sofa in Christian's living room, with stainless steel aesthetics.

Christian is described as obsessed Ana's eating habits, so the kitchen is often a place where the couple has several points of conversation where he urges her to eat often. The kitchen is described as all-white and features a breakfast bar. Next to the kitchen, Ana describes a massive dining table surrounded by sixteen chairs. Also within reach of this social kitchen, is Christian's grand piano. 

The breakfast bar, with its complimentary colors and a hint of red to show Christian's underlying personality.
Another brighter alternative to the infamous breakfast bar where Christian coaxes Ana to eat.
A stunning grand piano overlooks the dining area.

Let's saunter into the guest room Christian has set up for Ana. Described as pristine white and almost sterile, it matches her virginal character portrayed in the books and movie. As for Christian's own bedroom, his bed is designed in an ultra-modern style with pale blue furnishings.

Ana's all-white guest bedroom.
Christian's chic bedroom.

As for the bathrooms that grace Christian's penthouse, we imagine it to be big on grandeur and with massive space. 

The double-sinks in Christian's bathrooms along with the luxurious bath big enough to fit four people.

What about the much fantasized about Red Room of Pain you ask? Well, that is something we'd like to leave to your imagination.

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