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Dubai Real Estate Resources: RERA forms

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Here's an ultimate checklist of RERA forms that you need regardless whether you're buying, renting or selling property

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Agent · Jun 28th, 2018

The entire process of dealing in real estate can prove quite intimidating and involves quite a bit of paperwork. However, as things are going more digital and the implementation of blockchain by the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the process seems to get easier and easier. To know more on how to use the Dubai brokers app, please click below: 

For more information on the impact on blockchain technology and what to expect from the Dubai Land Department in the coming years, our next podcast episode talks about precisely that!



Form A For The Seller

This form is mainly used between the seller & the broker. On signing this contract, as a seller you will receive the assurance that your property will not be solicited in an unwanted manner on any portals other than agreed with your broker. Details of your unit will be clearly mapped out. The terms of marketing the property can be clearly communicated as well. On signing this contract, it needs to go through an approval process through the Land Department's Trakheesi system. Without signing this contract, the marketing of your property will be compromised as your property will be solicited by others and any interested parties may be mismanaged. It's a recipe for fraud.

Often, the presence of this contract almost ensures better visibility on property portals and our website as it is a ranking factor in the display of properties. So, sign this contract if you need your property sold quick.

This Form A contract is also extremely important for the broker to be able to market the property legally and to ensure his/her commission from the seller. 

Download the Form A here.

Form B For The Buyer

As a buyer, if you want to enlist an agent to find a property that suits your requirements, you will find yourself signing a Form B.The Form B should encompass essential data such as: Property type of interest for the buyer, location of the property, budget of the buyer and the buyer's requirements.

Download the Form B here.

Form F Memorandum Of Understanding (Mou)

This is possibly one of the most important forms you need. The aim is to protect the rights of the three parties in any real estate transaction; the buyer, the seller and the broker. This is important for the transaction of the property - it outlines everything from the mortgage to the commission payable to the broker. No real estate transaction can take place without this. It's important to note that Form F becomes a valid contract only after it has been signed by both the seller and the buyer, witnessed, and dated by the agent as per RERA regulations. RERA Form F is a mandatory requirement for any real estate transaction to take place in Dubai, and it is often accompanied by a schedule, attachment, or incorporation by reference in case of a separate sale and purchase agreement (SPA) or a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the parties involved.

Access the Form F here

FORM U - For both buyers & sellers

In the case that you are unhappy with your agent's services, you may terminate their services using the following form. According to RERA law, the buyer has the obligation to unilaterally terminate this agreement in case of a specific reason. A comprehensive description of the reason for discontinuing further collaboration with the agent has to be provided.

Download the Form U here.

For landlords & tenants

Signing contracts

In the case of rentals, there is only one form relevant, which is the Tenancy Contract/ EJARI contract. This contract clearly outlines the terms & condition of the lease, as well as any add ons.

Download EJARI here.

Download Luxhabitat listing agreement here

For Brokers

Agent contract

Form I Agent To Agent

In the case of any collaboration between agents, the Form I is useful and clearly outlines the split of commission. This happens often in the case of secondary market properties where there are buyers' & sellers' agents. The purpose of Form I is to safeguard the rights of the agent, their listings, and their clients. Additionally, Form I serves to establish a professional relationship between two or more agents involved in a joint transaction related to property sale or lease.

Download Form I here.

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