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Resident Interview: Arabian Ranches

Resident Interview: Arabian Ranches

A safe, family-friendly environment and an upscale lifestyle; Michaela finds it all at the Ranches

Words by Ankita Bhowmick in The Guides · Mar 27th, 2019

"One of the main reasons why we chose Arabian Ranches to live in is its central location. Malls and beaches are can be reached within 10-15 minutes by car," said Michaela Muller, a German Property Agent, based in Dubai. "The community also hosts a number of schools and sports facilities, which is ideal for a family with children like that of mine. My children love the community as they can ride their bikes and visit their friends living in Arabian Ranches. They also get to ride to the supermarkets and the football field without the need of adult supervision, which is an added advantage for me," adds the mother of two while describing what made her choose Arabian Ranches to live in.

Speaking about what she loves the most about the community, Michaela says, "Arabian Ranches is one of the exclusive family-friendly communities in the city. I also love the fact that it is very safe as well as a pet-friendly community."

Resident Interview: Arabian Ranches

"As far as the facilities are concerned, there are swimming pools, parks and tennis courts across the whole community that we enjoy access to. The community also hosts weekly coffee mornings for the ladies featuring guest speakers. Events like this help us interact with our neighbours and make new friends," added Michaela.

We love the fact that Arabian Ranches is one of the exclusive family-friendly communities in the city. I also love the fact that it is very safe as well as a pet-friendly community.

"Once in Arabian Ranches, there is no need to go anywhere as the community completely caters to the daily needs of its residents. It hosts a number of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, salons, clinics and sports bars. A new addition is the Commercial Center and Gym in the Arabian Ranches 2 development. There are also buses that connect the community to different key hubs of the city."

"For entertainment options like movie theatres, we prefer driving to Mall of the Emirates or Mirdiff City Centre, that are just 15 to 20 minutes drive from the Ranches."

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