Resident Interview: Jumeirah


Peaceful, family-friendly and accessible, Suraj finally found his ideal home in Jumeirah.

Words by Dyuthi Prakash in Neighbourhoods · Dec 15th, 2019

For fitness enthusiast Suraj, it was imperative for him to prioritise his daily running schedule above all else, “When I was on the lookout for a potential home, I knew that it had to be as close as possible to Kite Beach in Jumeirah. Being an avid runner, I had gotten used to running atleast 10k every morning, so I wanted to find a home close to a decent running track.”

Inspite of being in the centre of city, Jumeirah is widely popular for the peaceful and coastal lifestyle it offers its residents; and this is precisely why Suraj decided to move here, “I work in Jebel Ali, so I did have to sacrifice a little on the commute every day, but I can certainly say that it was worth it.”.

It is certainly a stark difference from his previous home in Dubai Marina, where Suraj lived in a high-rise,”Although I did enjoy the lively atmosphere in Dubai Marina even at 2 am at night, I don’t really miss it as I’ve gotten quite comfortable with the peace and quiet here in Jumeirah.”

Living in Jumeirah also comes with its fair share of perks; being a primarily residential neighbourhood, it is extremely family-friendly. It is just the right community for families who seek safe outdoor spaces for their children; and also quietens down significantly beyond 10 pm.

As a potential tenant, you can also take your pick from a number of luxurious villas and beachside properties that feature on Jumeirah’s coastline. “The villa I stay in is quite massive with about 10 bedrooms that are very spacious and a relatively large living room that is perfect for weekend parties. The backyard is absolute bliss during the winter and we often use it for barbecues or just for a quick dinner outside.”,explains Suraj.

In addition to the above, the neighbourhood is also pet-friendly. “Although I don’t own a pet, I’ve often seen my neighbours walk their dogs along the tree-lined paths, it’s great that the neighbourhood offers us these flexible areas to use.”

A typical weekend for Suraj involves heading to La Mer for a quick dinner with friends, or to a nearby bar for a drink. “Although it is a 20-minute drive to get anywhere from Jumeirah, it’s doable if you own a car, so I really don’t mind.”

Lastly, when asked if there is a downside to living in Jumeirah, Suraj said, “Well, it really is quite minor, but we do sometimes have a pest issue, since we live on the street level, but we’ve managed to overlook these little things as the great location makes up for it largely.”

Having lived in Dubai for quite a few years, Suraj reminisces that it is one of those cities where you can choose how you’d like your lifestyle to be, whether it’s a high-rise or a low-rise residential neighbourhood, it never fails to offer you exactly what you’re looking for.

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