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The Social Outdoors

The Social Outdoors

Your evening get-togethers will get significantly easier with comfy, customisable outdoor furniture.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Design & Architecture · Nov 25th, 2015

Over the years, Gloster has delivered timeless outdoor furniture pieces that are seamless and undoubtedly gorgeous. Starting out as a company based in West Africa, the company has now moved to Indonesia in order to source the finest hardwood for their products. To adapt with the times, the company takes special attention to make their furniture truly timeless by using hard-wearing teak along with a range of fabrics that last throughout all weathers, be it sun, rain or frost. Each product is carefully handcrafted with finesse from start to finish. 

 Gloster has been clever with keeping up with the times. Their new collection called ‘Grid’, is quite simply eponymous of its function. A bunch of complementary customisable units are created in order to create a space where you can truly interact with your friends and create a cosier, intimate setting. There is no ‘knights of the round table’ concept here, no shouting over as customising the furniture brings you closer. Designed by Danish designer Henrik Pedersen, this collection allows you to create a lounge-like surrounding in any given space, whether it’s by the pool side or on your terrace. The seats are made from a powder coated aluminium frame with weatherproof outdoor lounge cushions and slatted teak platform. The complementary tables have an aluminium table top, adding to its seamless look. 

The Nomad has a certain hip quality to it.

 If you require something cosier and casual, the Nomad collection is definitely one you should explore. A bit more modern than the Grid and quite aptly named, the Nomad is truly nomadic by nature. At first glance, it seems quite heavy, but it is surprisingly light and easy to move around. The covers can be changed easily, according to the event or setting. Once again this has the clever feature of customised seating arrangements very much like the Grid, but edgier looking. Comfort is key with the Nomad, along with a smattering of colour and spunk, but only to the point of cheeky.

Images credit: Gloster