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2021 interior design trends for your home


Thinking your home needs a spruce up? Here are 5 interior design tips:

Words by Aneesha Rai in Design & Architecture · Jan 27th, 2021

Looking to style your home in the new year? We approached Neeshay Nouman from The Niche Corner to share some of the upcoming trends she foresees in 2021.

1. Neutral Luxe

Living room

Say ‘hello’ to stone, marble, bone-in lay and wooden accents. Neutral shades have dominated much of 2020 and look to continue in 2021. Think amalgamations of burnt caramel, blacks, off-whites, blush, greys, greige- what’s not to love? Exuding effortless sophistication, these hues are a must-have for anyone loving minimalism.

2. Shapes


Sofas don’t need to be straight-lined, boxy cushions with a wooden frame. Curves are back with vengeance! Bulging accents, curved chairs, rounded edges all add distinction to any space. Instant modernism. Herringbone patterns have been ‘round for long but lately they’ve been seen on walls (wallpaper), rugs, bedding, artwork and decorative ornaments. Who thought geometry would be such a delight?

3. Revamped Balconies

Who would have envisaged those spaces looking like a million bucks? Lockdown put things in perspective for a lot of people but it also encourages one to think ‘outside the box’ on how to make their balcony the hangout hub at home. With brilliant weather beckoning, it was only a matter of time. There have been no rules for doing up balconies, it has varied from architectural egg chairs, wooden pallets to sit on, vibrant or subdued cushions, cushy rugs and even a pop of greenery. (Watch this space for a balcony makeover!)

4. Sustainability

Rattan, wicker and bamboo have made a massive comeback. With an increased focus on environmentally friendly products, the audience is much more aware now and want to make good choices in choosing elements they display and use in their homes. Local UAE based businesses such as The Attic and TRIBE have been creating ethically sourced, artisanal products that brilliantly merge creativity + sustainability.

5. Real And Artificial Greenery


Being green-thumbed no longer means spending hours tending to your carefully nurtured, grown plants. With the rise of faux greenery, it has become easier to incorporate freshness into your home. Definitely a trend that will continue in 2021, blending greens into any space instantly elevates the ambience. Available readily from a number of sources, BLOOMR stands out for their wide variety and very-realistic looking faux plants.

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