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The Space: Samadhi Wellness

Samadhi Wellness

Enter this tranquil escape in the heart of Jumeirah

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · May 24th, 2023

With its terracotta walls and tranquil spaces, Samadhi Wellness is a brand new wellness space that has captured the eye of those who love to tune inward. The destination offers yoga classes, a sauna, an ice bath, a private pool, retail, hair therapy treatments, a café, state-of-the-art amenities, and a wide variety of experiences. We speak to the founder Samar Al Salem, an architect and yoga lover on the design and culmination of the space.

Samar: Samadhi was created to be an authentic destination where everyone feels special, welcomed, and cherished. It is that middle space between work and home for visitors to truly connect, flow, replenish life balance, manage stress, and avoid burnout. 

My journey to self-discovery through yoga has completely altered my life, and my hope is that Samadhi will be the guiding light for people to experience the transformative powers of replenishing energy and creating a balance in their lifestyles. 


Samadhi interiors feature natural textures, representing the four elements of nature: fire, earth, water, and air. Every detail is thought out and carries a story, creating an ambience of peace and tranquility unlike any other. 

The yoga studios are split into two types. Reflect, which features infrared heaters and Connect, which extends into the garden in the cooler months. With the purchase of a yoga class package, guests receive complimentary access to the sauna, cold bath, and pool, to further enhance muscle relaxation, recovery, and stress management. At the cafe, guests can enjoy a delicious wholesome menu made of nourishing ingredients. There is also a dedicated room for hair treatments, using all Aveda organic products. Several lounging facilities indoors and outdoors, alongside a stunning pool allow for time to stop and be enjoyed in serenity. Visitors can also explore various wellness-related products on offer.


The design concept came from our GCC homes where I wanted to epitomize the harmonious fusion of our culture and heritage as well as the serenity of nature. Inspired by our roots, the design incorporates natural elements that ground and soothe. Water graces the pool, while air flows through expansive windows. Earthy clay tiles and walls evoke a sense of connection, and ceilings adorned with palm leaves provide shelter and beauty. Outside, a lush courtyard thrives with tropical trees and fountains, creating a sanctuary of relaxation. In this haven, cultural homage meets tranquility, offering respite and a deep sense of peace.

With my background in architecture, I effortlessly transform imagination into reality. I visualize and translate ideas, eliminating confusion and misunderstanding. My expertise bridges the gap between concept and execution, creating spaces that honour our culture and enhance the human experience. Clear communication through drawings and presentations ensures a shared understanding, fostering collaboration and success.

The choice of materials is rooted in nature's elegance. Stone, natural clay, and terracotta form a grounded foundation, while 100% linen fabric and solid oak wood add purity and warmth. Delicate palm leaves adorn the ceilings, embodying our connection to the earth. This harmonious blend of materials creates an environment that celebrates both nature and culture, fostering a serene and authentic atmosphere. I wanted the space to be a haven of peace and relaxation, serving as a third place between home and work. Every detail, from the soothing colours and textures to the integration of natural elements, fosters a grounded and connected atmosphere. Visitors can effortlessly spend hours in this comforting space, feeling at ease and rejuvenated, creating a sense of home away from home.

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